D.C. Circuit Court


CIA doesn’t have to release legal memos on targeted killings by drones, DC Circuit rules

Constitutional Law

Is consumer bureau an unconstitutional ‘super executive agency’? DC Circuit panel seems to think so

Criminal Justice

Judge overstepped his authority by blocking deferred prosecution agreement, appeals court says

Supreme Court Nominations

Biden warns of ‘patchwork Constitution’ with eight-justice Supreme Court

Supreme Court Nominations

Will Merrick Garland continue to hear appeals while nomination is pending?

Supreme Court Nominations

What do Merrick Garland’s financial reports reveal?

Supreme Court Nominations

Meet Merrick Garland, Supreme Court nominee

Supreme Court Nominations

Will liberals oppose Srinivasan if nominated for SCOTUS? He would be court’s first Hindu

Media & Communications Law

Federal appeals court partially blocks FCC rules cutting cost of prison phone calls

Environmental Law

DC Circuit: EPA must make rules to stop companies from filing bankruptcy to avoid pollution cleanup

Natural Disasters

As East Coast snowstorm looms, courts, law libraries and other government offices close their doors

Internet Law

Uber-type flight app shuts down after DC Circuit decision

Second Amendment

Judge didn’t have the authority to rule in Second Amendment case, appeals court says

First Amendment

Appeals court upholds limits on SCOTUS protests

Privacy Law

Injunction against NSA phone records program is vacated by DC Circuit


DC prosecutors must now follow stricter standards for disclosing information to the defense

Constitutional Law

Federal appeals court narrows the type of crimes that can be tried by military commissions

Appellate Practice

Check your briefs for acronym overuse, DC Circuit clerk tells lawyers in campaign finance case

Criminal Justice

Stranger returns backpack containing nearly $18K, but feds try to forfeit the cash

Media & Communications Law

Associated Press files FOIA suit against State Department over Hillary Clinton emails and documents