D.C. Circuit Court

Criminal Justice

Stranger returns backpack containing nearly $18K, but feds try to forfeit the cash

Media & Communications Law

Associated Press files FOIA suit against State Department over Hillary Clinton emails and documents

Civil Rights

Feds won’t prosecute George Zimmerman in shooting of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin

Military Law

Army OKs hormone therapy for Chelsea Manning, who was sentenced to 35 years in WikiLeaks case

Law Firms

Venable sues ex-client over $300K bill, claiming fraudulent inducement

Religious Law

Priests group says it won’t comply with DC Circuit ruling upholding contraceptive opt-out procedure


Defense lawyers press for more info as probe of FBI agent linked to dismissed cases continues

Civil Rights

Court rejects housing discrimination rule that relied on statistical analysis

Trials & Litigation

Jury convicts 4 Blackwater guards in slaying of unarmed civilians in Iraq

Trials & Litigation

Big Tobacco appeals court-mandated anti-smoking advertisements

Constitutional Law

Convicted in WikiLeaks case, Chelsea Manning sues feds to get medical treatment for gender disorder

Executive Branch

Prosecutor says claimed White House intruder was free on bail in weapons case, had 800 rounds in car

Trials & Litigation

SEC spent $8.6M collecting $3.7M from former corporate raider in $62M case

Sentencing/Post Conviction

New conviction-integrity unit in DC is said to be first created by a federal prosecutor

International Law

Flight en route to China from D.C. returns at request of feds because parent may have kidnapped son

Health Law

Full DC Circuit to reconsider decision that undermined the health-care law

Criminal Justice

James Brady’s death ruled a homicide from 1981 attack, but whether case will be pursued is unclear

Constitutional Law

Origination clause challenge to health-care law is tossed by DC Circuit

Health Law

Health-care law takes another hit with DC Circuit opinion


Claimed leader in Benghazi slaying of US ambassador is captured, will be tried here