Death Penalty


Jodi Arias juror is dismissed after asking a reporter this question

Death Penalty

Judge threatens to remove capital defense lawyer, cites missed deadlines and overzealous motions

Criminal Justice

In prison for 30 years, Belgian inmate wins OK for assisted suicide


Bite-mark expert’s flip-flop is cited in death-row inmate’s new appeal

Legal Ethics

Lawyer appears in Thomas Jefferson garb to defend law license, unusual capital murder defense

Death Penalty

Judge Kopf: I would uphold the death penalty for an innocent man rather than play games with the law

Death Penalty

Missouri carries out its 8th execution this year; four SCOTUS justices would have granted stay


Retired prosecutor who convicted two men just exonerated after 30 years behind bars is unrepentant

Death Penalty

Poorly placed IV blamed for difficult execution

Court Security

Prosecutor slayings suspect wanted to target former judges, too, those in charge of murder case say

Criminal Justice

After 30 years in prison, two inmates win their freedom in 1983 rape and murder

Constitutional Law

Judge nixes convicted murderer’s request for death penalty

First Amendment

Does press have First Amendment right to view entire execution? ACLU sues over closed blinds

Death Penalty

Arizona executioners sometimes improvise, lawsuits say

Annual Meeting

Successors of executed prisoners should be allowed to litigate innocence claims, says ABA House

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS sends inmate’s claim he didn’t authorize cert petition to ethics board

Death Penalty

Missouri execution takes 10 minutes; four SCOTUS justices would have granted stay

4 more death sentences for ‘most prolific’ LA killer

Death Penalty

Innocence Project seeks ethics probe of prosecutor in Willingham case

Death Penalty

Inmate in two-hour execution got 15 times the standard dose of drugs, records disclose