Disability Law

Criminal Justice

Suburban Chicago mom gets 4 years for killing disabled daughter

Disability Law

Law firm targets real estate companies for ADA suits over inaccessible websites


Pharmacist credits amputations with leading him to a career in emerging field of health law

Criminal Justice

Autistic teen who accepted dare to jump into frigid water made his own choice, defense lawyer says

Bar Exam

Suit says BarBri violates ADA; online study materials aren’t fully accessible to blind law grads

American Bar Association

ABA backs proposal to eliminate questions about mental health history for Washington bar applicants

U.S. Supreme Court

Group of deaf lawyers will be sworn in to Supreme Court bar

Disability Law

Lawyer who called himself ‘Mr. Social Security’ is charged in alleged $600M disability-fraud scheme

Disability Law

Retailer must make website accessible to visually impaired and pay plaintiff legal fees, judge rules

White-Collar Crime

Ex-lawyer gets weekend jail time for collecting $247K in disability payments while still practicing

Disability Law

Nearly evicted over urine leak on balcony, man files housing discrimination suit

Attorney Fees

Law firm can’t sue SSA for attorney fees paid to clients, 2nd Circuit says

Law Firms

Pepper Hamilton and project lawyer resolve ADA suit over sleep disorder

Elder Law

Chief judge changes policies after news of guardianship work by judge’s wife

Consumer Law

Must movie captioning include song lyrics? Defendant studios cite free speech in civil rights case


Former federal prosecutor settles with Justice Department for an estimated $1.8M

Legal Ethics

Judge who challenged public defender to fistfight seeks rehearing over his removal from bench

Disability Law

Does ADA require nursing homes to admit obese patients?

Disability Law

Federal civil rights suits say sign-language interpreters required by ADA are often lacking

Disability Law

Posner advises disability office to clean up its act, says expert testimony was ‘worthless’