Disability Law

Civil Rights

Gender identity disorder should be protected by ADA, transgender plaintiff argues

Legal Ethics

Drug-court judge resigns after ethics commission calls for her removal over alcohol-related conduct

Legal Ethics

Removal from bench is recommended for judge who went to work at drug court while intoxicated

Trials & Litigation

Judge commits lawyer who tried to back out of agreed mental evaluation

Trials & Litigation

Ethics trial continues for judge claimed to be delusional, even after she announces her retirement

Criminal Justice

Former lawmaker faces spouse-abuse case; AG’s office says wife’s dementia precluded consent to sex

Disability Law

Judge is a no-show at legal ethics trial over claims she has psychotic delusions

Aviation & Space Law

Amid talk of possible carry-on ban, plane passenger charged with using backpack as dangerous weapon

Bar Exam

New mom will get stop-the-clock breaks to pump breast milk during bar exam

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS will consider cops’ ADA obligations when arresting mentally ill suspects

Bar Exam

Expectant mom is denied extra time to breast pump during February bar exam

Law Schools

BigLaw’s reliance on law-school rankings discriminates against the disabled, 3L’s suit alleges

Trials & Litigation

Jury awards $638K to mom who sued over claimed sex abuse of adult daughter; defense argued consent


Sightless disability lawyer wins supreme court bid with hugs and ‘blind justice’ campaign slogan

Health Law

Irrational Ebola fears led officials to ban girl from school, ADA suit alleges

Disability Law

When are wellness programs too punitive? EEOC says two companies crossed the line

Disability Law

Lawyers fight for defendant’s right to use accessible courthouse restroom

Disability Law

Should ADA protections apply to pedophiles?

Labor & Employment

Do job personality tests discriminate? EEOC probes lawyer’s complaint, filed on behalf of his son

Privacy Law

Fired John Doe prosecutor can remain anonymous in suit against Justice Department, judge rules