Education Law

Trials & Litigation

BigLaw firm seeks $3.7M from attorney’s estate, says he intentionally filed ‘bogus case’

Education Law

Transgender teen may sue over school’s restroom restriction, 4th Circuit says

Bankruptcy Law

1st Circuit urges discharge of former executive’s $246K in student loan debt

Education Law

Teacher tenure law doesn’t violate equal-protection guarantee, California appeals court says

Education Law

Bullied student’s suit against school fails for lack of ‘deliberate indifference,’ 6th Circuit says

Privacy Law

Did mom violate wiretap law by recording coach’s locker-room speech? Top Texas court to decide

Immigration Law

Feds set up fake university, charge 21 brokers, recruiters and employers in visa-fraud sting

Opening Statements

Do anonymous social media apps create Title IX violations on college campuses?

Bar Exam

Multistate Bar Exam average score falls to 33-year low

Trials & Litigation

Pro se plaintiff awarded $203K in mixed jury verdict in employment discrimination case

Trials & Litigation

Jury rejects law grad’s case over claim that Thomas Jefferson job stats were inflated

Criminal Justice

Man with concealed-carry permit accused of using gun butt to drive thumbtack at elementary school

Law Schools

Legal Ed Section’s council proposes tighter bar-passage requirement for law school accreditation

Education Law

Judge nixes Title IX suit against Columbia U over ‘Mattress Performance’ linked to dorm-rape claim

Trials & Litigation

Appeals court OKs $3M whistleblower award to fired university attorney

Civil Rights

Transgender bathroom bill vetoed by South Dakota governor

Consumer Law

Suit alleging fraud by Trump University isn’t time-barred, New York appeals court rules

Juvenile Justice

Found delinquent in fatal school shootings, both perps sought or got guns after release at age 21

Bar Exam

ABA committee recommends tougher, simpler bar passage accreditation standard

U.S. Supreme Court

How Scalia’s death could affect pending high-profile cases