Elder Law

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U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court to decide if church-affiliated pension plans are subject to ERISA

Elder Law

Judge blocks federal rule that would ban arbitration in nursing home disputes

Elder Law

Federal rule barring forced arbitration of nursing home disputes is likely to be challenged

Business of Law

Law firm helps social workers stay up to date with continuing education classes

Family Law

Can mentally incompetent man obtain a divorce? Kentucky Supreme Court to decide


Fines against unsafe nursing homes are considered a slap on the wrist


Lawsuits fail to bring improvements to nursing homes

Elder Law

Feds announce $2M in grants for elder crime victims

Report from Governmental Affairs

ABA says the reauthorized Older Americans Act will give nation’s seniors a stronger safety net

Elder Law

Legal aid group adds representation for people facing guardianships, finds evidence of overbilling

Elder Law

Nursing homes increasingly eject residents; are they following the law?

Law Schools

Man rejected by just one of 11 law schools files age-bias suit

Real Estate & Property Law

Judge orders eviction of 100-year-old woman for causing commotion

Legal History

Judge OKs first ‘assisted death,’ with help of physician, in Canada

Trials & Litigation

Jury deadlocks in case against lawyer accused of neglect causing his dad’s death

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Can son bind mother in nursing home to arbitration? Suit over slaying raises the issue

Elder Law

Feds announce ‘Operation Cocoon,’ hoping to curtail use of unwitting seniors as drug mules

Elder Law

Chief judge changes policies after news of guardianship work by judge’s wife

Disability Law

Does ADA require nursing homes to admit obese patients?

Legal Ethics

New Jersey lawyer suspended for 1 year over large unsecured loan from client
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