Environmental Law

Privacy Law

Firm challenges Seattle law requiring trash haulers to turn in composting scofflaws

Oil Spill

BP to pay $18.7B to settle oil spill claims by US and Gulf states

Niche Practice

Sea Shepherd law firm won’t make waves like the protest group

U.S. Supreme Court

EPA must consider cost of toxic air pollution regulations for power plants, says SCOTUS

Environmental Law

Judge temporarily blocks rules for fracking on federal lands

U.S. Supreme Court

Bad news for the EPA: Scalia is likely opinion author in toxic emissions case

Opening Statements

Christo’s public art installation continues to be ensnared in the courts

Environmental Law

Dairies settle landmark cow-manure case after federal judge rules solid-waste law applies

Environmental Law

New Wyoming law turns environmental activists into criminals, law prof says

Environmental Law

Does a country have a legal duty to reduce its carbon footprint? Dutch court to decide landmark case

Criminal Justice

All charges dropped against man accused in massive Yosemite forest fire, due to deaths of witnesses

Government Law

Beset by drought, California lawmakers fast-track bill to ban towns from enforcing brown-lawn rules

Environmental Law

Earth Day ‘Reflections’ from 1972 ABA Journal archives

Legal History

Polluted town championed by Erin Brockovich is largely gone despite $333M settlement

Environmental Law

Laurence Tribe’s legal work for coal company has environmentalists fuming

Trials & Litigation

Appeals court ruling reviving $40M courthouse-renovation asbestos suit will go to state’s top court

ABA Midyear

Human rights should be a priority in oil, gas and mining industries, say speakers at ABA Midyear

The Modern Law Library

Author tells tangled tale of the $19B verdict against Chevron in ‘Law of the Jungle’ (podcast)

Privacy Law

Judge tosses ‘inventive’ suit seeking EPA phone records from NSA, threatens footnote limits

Legal Theory

Evaluate law by happiness impact, profs suggest; is 20 years in prison four times worse than five?