U.S. Supreme Court

Can police use ‘inadvertently shed’ DNA without a warrant? SCOTUS won’t hear case raising the issue

Criminal Justice

Teen’s texts encouraging friend’s suicide are cited in decision to charge her in his death


A new defense approach to storytelling changes capital cases in Texas

White-Collar Crime

Former judge gets 26 months in federal case over $2.9M investment scheme

Criminal Justice

SCOTUS fish case could free friend of Boston bombing suspect, lawyer says

Criminal Justice

Cop uses crowdfunding to pay for DNA test and gets pulled from case

Military Law

Failing to disclose HIV status before swinger sex is not aggravated assault, military top court says

Corporate Law

Appeals court says only qualified privilege covered lawyer’s demand letter, but nixes libel case

Civil Rights

Feds won’t prosecute George Zimmerman in shooting of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin

Criminal Justice

Houston completes testing on backlog of 6,600 rape kits; 29 are charged so far


EEOC expert made an ‘alarming number of errors,’ 4th Circuit says in background-check case

Law Firms

Steamy novel writer will have to get psych exam in wrongful firing suit against BigLaw firm

Criminal Justice

Angry at 10-year prison term, offender tries to arrange to kill judge and gets another 80 years

Legislation & Lobbying

Emails offer glimpse of ex-governor’s legal strategy, show efforts by staff to distance ‘first lady’

Legal Ethics

Lawyer sanctioned $1M wins stay of collection efforts

Constitutional Law

Retired teacher faces felony gun charge over antique pistol in vehicle glove box

Health Law

Dentist is charged with criminally negligent homicide in patient’s death due to tooth extractions

Trials & Litigation

Man waited too long to challenge paternity, owes $30K in child support

Criminal Justice

Top state court declines to intervene in dispute between DA and police department


Police: 2 men face DWI charges for planning to hide drunk-driving crash