Tort Law

New York appeals court says client can sue lawyer over Wall Street Journal comment

Constitutional Law

Trial judge got it right by appointing new counsel despite defendant’s objection, top NY court says

Trials & Litigation

Denied new counsel, defendant uses profanity, but judge doesn’t take it personally


Bill Cosby’s wife will have to give deposition, judge rules


Family says prominent lawyer was murdered, and did not kill his wife

Criminal Justice

Sleep deprivation increases false confessions, study suggests

Securities Law

Ex-BigLaw partner is convicted of insider trading; feds say he misused deal info overheard at firm

Criminal Justice

Restaurant confab leads to arrest of 3 accused of planning to kidnap and rob judge


Judge OKs criminal case against Bill Cosby, rejects immunity argument

Criminal Justice

2015 was a record year for exonerations, report says

Court Security

Attorney defends himself at trial in murder-for-hire case

Criminal Justice

Pot case dismissed due to lack of warrant, but 2,300 pounds of evidence will go up in smoke

Legal Ethics

Is grievance filed over lawyer’s blog post a ‘lightweight defamation claim’?


Images can be powerful storytelling tools

Obiter Dicta

What’s the evidentiary standard for emojis?

Legal Ethics

DC lawyer ethics board investigating Bush-era DOJ lawyer who leaked info about warrantless wiretaps


Educating jurors on eyewitness reliability may backfire, study suggests


Appellate judge calls for ban on expert claims of ‘unique’ ballistics matches

Family Law

Lawyer sues docs over shaken-baby diagnosis, state for taking away her kids

Criminal Justice

Sting in drug court parking lot leads to arrest of man charged in heroin-distribution case