Executive Branch


Eric Holder returns to ‘last stop’ job at Covington, offers thoughts on Snowden and US Supreme Court


Clemency Project 2014 is out to help prisoners doing excessive time due to inflexible sentencing


Obama: New policy lets US talk with hostage-takers; families won’t be prosecuted for paying ransom

Consumer Law

FCC seeks to impose record $100M fine on AT&T for slowdown on ‘unlimited’ data plans

Constitutional Law

US Senate votes to strengthen torture ban, adopts measures to help set parameters

Trials & Litigation

Victory but zero damages in ex-AIG chief’s $40B bailout suit against the feds

U.S. Supreme Court

Woman claiming due-process right to live with Afghan spouse loses in SCOTUS; a gay marriage hint?

Constitutional Law

Federal appeals court narrows the type of crimes that can be tried by military commissions

Constitutional Law

Judge won’t lift consent decree at Mississippi prison

Labor & Employment

US military bans discrimination based on sexual orientation

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS backs presidential power to recognize foreign sovereign in ‘Jerusalem, Israel’ passport case


Hackers may have accessed records of 4 million federal workers; was China responsible?

Privacy Law

Report: FBI uses fake companies to disguise surveillance planes with video and cellphone technology

Executive Branch

Obama won’t seek SCOTUS intervention on blocked immigration plans after adverse 5th Circuit ruling


IRS tax records for 100,000 people accessed by third parties who knew what personal info to plug in

Consumer Law

Air bag maker Takata’s expanded recall of nearly 34M vehicles is largest ever

Energy Law

Local fracking bans are banned under a new Texas law

Constitutional Law

2nd Circuit rules NSA phone surveillance program is not authorized by Patriot Act

Criminal Justice

Ex-CIA chief David Petraeus gets probation, is fined $100K for giving classified info to biographer

Civil Procedure

3rd Circuit says feds missed forfeiture deadline, awards gold coins worth $80M to dealer’s heirs