Executive Branch

Executive Branch

Obama won’t seek SCOTUS intervention on blocked immigration plans after adverse 5th Circuit ruling


IRS tax records for 100,000 people accessed by third parties who knew what personal info to plug in

Consumer Law

Air bag maker Takata’s expanded recall of nearly 34M vehicles is largest ever

Energy Law

Local fracking bans are banned under a new Texas law

Constitutional Law

2nd Circuit rules NSA phone surveillance program is not authorized by Patriot Act

Criminal Justice

Ex-CIA chief David Petraeus gets probation, is fined $100K for giving classified info to biographer

Civil Procedure

3rd Circuit says feds missed forfeiture deadline, awards gold coins worth $80M to dealer’s heirs

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge strikes ‘impertinent’ allegations against Prince Andrew and attorney Alan Dershowitz

Trials & Litigation

US Courts: Federal litigants face record civil-case backlog due to shortage of judges

Executive Branch

President Obama commutes sentences of 22 drug offenders

Government Law

California issues first-ever water reduction to handle drought

Corporate Law

Major US contractor settles first SEC case over confidentiality pacts that silence whistleblowers

Criminal Justice

Feds say 2 of their agents in Silk Road probe laundered Bitcoins; one is accused of working as mole

Disability Law

Report: DOJ is investigating mental-health screening of bar applicants by Florida’s top court

Military Law

Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl, rescued by US through Gitmo prisoner swap, is charged with desertion

Executive Branch

Federal judge questions trust in Obama, threatens Justice Department sanctions on immigration action

Constitutional Law

Citing landmark ‘Gault’ case, DOJ files framework for deciding if juveniles have adequate counsel

Executive Branch

Predictions of health-care law’s possible demise ignore this contingency plan

Media & Communications Law

Associated Press files FOIA suit against State Department over Hillary Clinton emails and documents

Legislation & Lobbying

Obama takes steps to allow more student loans to be discharged during bankruptcy