Executive Branch

Health Law

Homeland Security says all travelers to US from Ebola-stricken countries must be screened

Injury & Accident Law

Rare NHTSA alert warns owners of 4.7 million vehicles of airbag safety issues

Constitutional Law

New DOJ policy bans waiver of potential ineffective-assistance claims against defense counsel


Obama reportedly weighs executive action to bypass congressional obstacle and close Guantanamo

Attorney General

Eric Holder won’t be held in contempt over ‘Fast and Furious’ documents, rules judge

Executive Branch

Pennsylvania official named in pornographic email scandal refuses to resign

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: What to expect from the upcoming SCOTUS term

Executive Branch

Researchers studying gun violence get federal funds for the first time in nearly 20 years

Administrative Law

Uproar over Forest Service plan to require media to get permits to take wilderness photos


Obama judicial nominee can’t win confirmation, Leahy says

Executive Branch

Prosecutor says claimed White House intruder was free on bail in weapons case, had 800 rounds in car

Law Firms

BakerHostetler withdraws from House GOP suit against Obama

Trials & Litigation

SEC spent $8.6M collecting $3.7M from former corporate raider in $62M case


Democratic appointees are now in the majority on nine federal appeals courts

Constitutional Law

US threatened $250K daily fine to get Yahoo to turn over users’ email information


Padilla gets new 21-year sentence after 11th Circuit says original 17-year term was too lenient

Constitutional Law

DOJ releases redacted 2004 legal memos OKing warrantless NSA searches of US citizens

Constitutional Law

After stalemate between rancher, armed militia and feds, Nevada prosecutor not rushing to bring case

Animal Law

Iconic monarch butterfly needs protection as endangered species, advocacy groups say in US petition

Constitutional Law

BakerHostetler to represent the House in its suit against Obama; contract pays $500 an hour