Executive Branch

Civil Rights

DOJ sues Ferguson one day after it sought changes in proposed policing pact

Elder Law

Feds announce ‘Operation Cocoon,’ hoping to curtail use of unwitting seniors as drug mules

Government Law

Judge wants to know why State Department missed the deadline for release of final Clinton emails

Immigration Law

Federal court refuses to ‘stick its judicial nose into this political morass’ involving refugees

Criminal Justice

16 are federally indicted in takeover of Oregon wildlife refuge

Legal Ethics

DC lawyer ethics board investigating Bush-era DOJ lawyer who leaked info about warrantless wiretaps

U.S. Supreme Court

Obama as a Supreme Court justice? It’s a great idea, Clinton says

Criminal Justice

Obama curbs solitary confinement in federal prisons, bans its use for juveniles

Natural Disasters

As East Coast snowstorm looms, courts, law libraries and other government offices close their doors

Labor & Employment

Brace for more litigation based on feds’ new joint employment guidance, labor lawyers tell companies

Executive Branch

Fast and Furious documents are not protected by executive privilege, judge rules

Constitutional Law

Do officials in adjacent towns put religion above the law? DOJ case asks jury to decide

Securities Law

Goldman Sachs OKs $5B settlement of civil claims over toxic mortgage bonds

Constitutional Law

Lawyer files suit seeking to remove ‘In God We Trust’ from US currency


White House asks tech companies for help with online counterterrorism measures

Constitutional Law

Does Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth bar him from presidency?

Executive Branch

Obama executive action will define who qualifies as a gun dealer required to do background checks

Securities Law

SEC isn’t required to make companies reveal political contributions

Environmental Law

DOJ files multibillion-dollar suit against Volkswagen over environmental violations

U.S. Supreme Court

How ‘loyalty effect’ plays out among Supreme Court justices