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Law Firm Touts ‘60 Minute Divorce’ (Poll)

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Experts Advise on Key Custody Issue: The Family Dog

Family Law

Paul Weiss Partner Calls $6.6M Divorce Settlement Unfair, Blames Madoff

Family Law

Same-Sex Spouse Inherits Estate, NY Judge Rules

Legal Ethics

Expensive Lesson? Despite Court Order, NY Divorce Lawyer Hands Out $61K

Appellate Practice

Rapping Appeal Leads to Win for Pro Se Trombone Player

Family Law

Bad News or Good News? Economy Cuts Asset Values, Creates New Divorce Issues


Hulk Hogan’s Costly Divorce Focuses on Maintenance Man’s Work

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Witness Who Questioned Meaning of Truth May Take Revised Oath

Family Law

19-Year Child-Support Saga Now Puts Ex-Husband in Jail Over $165K Claim

Family Law

‘Too Old’ Grandparents (59 and 52) Hope for Custody Under New Judge

Family Law

Due to Bigamous Marriage, NY Lawyer Can’t Now Foreclose on Loan to ‘Wife’

What I Did During the Meltdown

‘The best time to get divorced for the moneyed spouse is when everything has gone to the devil.’

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N.Y. Judge Orders Surgery for Amish Tot After Parents Refuse Consent

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Mom Fights Judge’s Order Preventing Partner From Staying the Night

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Report Says 1 in 4 Pubescent Girls Abused at Yearning for Zion’s Texas Ranch

Constitutional Law

Calif. AG: Gay Marriage Constitutional Amendment is Unconstitutional

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In Unusual Order, Oregon Judge Tells State Agency to Bond Out Rape Suspect

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Blank Rome Sues Rapper for Unpaid Fees

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Atheist Threatens Suit Over Las Vegas Wedding-Clergy Rule