Family Law

Legal Ethics

Fla. Lawyer Willie Gary Wins Contempt Battle in Child Support Dispute

Criminal Justice

Hollywood Agog Over Names to be Named in Private Investigator’s Trial

Appellate Practice

Improper Faxed Notice Dooms Appeal of Pro Se Mom

U.S. Supreme Court

Court Accepts ERISA Case Involving Pension Rights After Divorce

Internet Law

MySpace Case: Judge Says ‘Friend Request’ Can Violate Protective Order

Family Law

Radio Station Prize: Free Divorce Lawyer in Feb. 14 Contest

Family Law

Judges Increasingly Asked to Weigh Religion in Custody Battles

Family Law

New Matrimonial Tactic: Hire Hot PD to Test Spouse’s Loyalty

International Human Rights

Australia to Apologize to Aborigines, But No Compensation is Planned

Legal Theory

Archbishop Ignites U.K. Firestorm With Support of Islamic Religious Law

Matrimonial Law

New Bridezilla Tactic: Require a Bridesmaid Contract?


For Mail-Order Brides, Happily Ever After

Criminal Justice

Author Put Dad in Prison for Child Abuse, But Still Loves Him

Family Law

N.J. Supreme Court Considers Palimony for Longtime Mistress

Criminal Procedure

Citizen-Launched Kan. Grand Juries Pursue Abortion & Porn Cases

Family Law

Eddie Murphy, Wife Split After 2 Weeks, But Don’t Need Divorce

Family Law

Prominent Lawyer’s Steamy Affair Heats Up Legal Ethics Controversy

Criminal Justice

Miami Court Worker Charged in Quickie Divorce Scam

Law Practice

LGBT Legal Clinic to Open in Md.?

Family Law

Vermont Calm About Possible Same-Sex Marriage Law