Family Law

Religious Law

Pope Francis puts annulments on a fast track, says bishops can hear uncontested cases

Constitutional Law

Judge frees county clerk from jail, orders her not to interfere with same-sex marriage licensing

Constitutional Law

Two judges opposing same-sex marriage react with ‘doozy’ of an opinion, refusal to perform marriages

Health Law

Parents fail in bid to block gender-change surgery for 48-year-old

Religious Law

This group is defending Kentucky clerk and others who refuse to issue gay-marriage licenses

Family Law

Served with process Tuesday, man shows up at court Wednesday with revving chainsaw, police say

U.S. Supreme Court

Defiant county clerk refuses to issue marriage licenses despite SCOTUS action

National Pulse

States deal with religious and gay rights in the wake of same-sex marriage ruling


Skype co-founder sues ex-fiancee, seeks $472K ring and other gifts

Government Law

6th Circuit nixes stay for clerk appealing federal court order requiring her to perform marriages

Trials & Litigation

Judge orders mom to repay son for keeping $5K bar mitzvah gift from grandma

Criminal Justice

Ex-con is found guilty of murder of Colorado lawyer; he sought an attorney victim, DA says

Family Law

Leaving toddler in car isn’t necessarily child neglect, state supreme court says


Judge apologizes for declaring that ‘Greeks never pay taxes’ during child-support hearing

Legal Ethics

Judge who helped smoking buddy get out of jail in domestic violence case is reprimanded


Divorce lawyers expect surge in clients after hackers dump data from Ashley Madison dating site

Constitutional Law

7th Circuit says court erred by upholding prison’s refusal to allow inmate and former guard to marry

Religious Law

First Amendment doesn’t protect baker who refused wedding cake to gay couple, appeals court says

Criminal Justice

Suspended judge to get prison time in wife-assault case

Family Law

Judge who refused to keep 6 kids in foster care defends his decision after their slayings