Federal Circuit Court

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Patent Law

In ‘surprise’ ruling, full appeals court reinstates Apple’s $119.6M infringement award

Legal Ethics

Federal Circuit appears unlikely to reverse order disqualifying company’s entire legal department

First Amendment

Federal judge scraps Cleveland’s restrictions on protests during RNC in July

Intellectual Property Law

SCOTUS to mull Federal Circuit refusal to apply top court’s copyright laches ruling in patent case

National Pulse

Can patent laws halt the reselling of used ink cartridges? Federal Circuit to consider

National Pulse

Tug-of-war over interpretations of patent law continues between Federal Circuit and SCOTUS

Obiter Dicta

These plaintiffs argue derogatory words can’t hurt them

First Amendment

Ban on disparaging trademarks violates First Amendment, Federal Circuit rules in band’s appeal

Legal Ethics

Lawyer blasted by federal appeals court for forwarding judge email did nothing wrong, state bar says

National Pulse

‘Raging Bull’ decision could rouse patent holders to sue decades after alleged infringement

Intellectual Property

Federal Circuit trims $1.5B patent win, says nothing owed for chips made, used and sold outside US

Disability Law

Federal Circuit: US must pay attorney’s fee to lawyer who took veteran’s case 20 years ago

U.S. Supreme Court

‘Clear error’ standard of review in factual disputes applies in patent claims, SCOTUS says

Legal Ethics

Federal appeals court blasts attorney for forwarding chief judge’s congratulatory email


Pacer deletes older case files for four appeals courts; compatibility issues cited

Supreme Court Report

Federal Circuit gets reined in over patent fees in infringement suits


Federal appeals judge to retire, teach IP classes after controversial email to patent lawyer

Trademark Law

‘Stop the Islamization of America’ is disparaging and can’t be trademarked, Federal Circuit says

Copyright Law

Oracle wins copyright ruling in battle over Google’s Android software

Legal Ethics

Federal appeals judges failed to recuse themselves for financial conflicts of interest, study finds
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