First Amendment

Internet Law

Law requiring sex offenders to reveal Internet aliases does not violate First Amendment, court rules

First Amendment

Sermon subpoena request was overbroad, Houston mayor acknowledges

Criminal Justice

Ex-nurse gets jail time for ‘assisting’ suicide in comments made on Internet chat boards

First Amendment

Twitter suit claims First Amendment right to disclose US data requests

First Amendment

Judge orders cops in Ferguson to stop enforcing ‘five-second rule’

First Amendment

During traffic stop, state trooper asked driver if she accepted Jesus, ACLU suit claims

Executive Branch

Pennsylvania official named in pornographic email scandal refuses to resign

First Amendmentg

Videos of forced feedings at Gitmo must be released, federal judge rules

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS to consider ethics rule banning judicial candidates from soliciting contributions

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: What to expect from the upcoming SCOTUS term

Supreme Court Report

A ‘Facial’ Challenge: Inmate’s right to wear a beard is among cases coming up this term

The Modern Law Library

How a series of attacks by a breakaway Amish sect became a landmark hate-crimes case (podcast)

Constitutional Law

Wall Street law partner sues New York police, says he was arrested for talking to Occupy protesters

Administrative Law

Uproar over Forest Service plan to require media to get permits to take wilderness photos

Religious Law

Inmate sues for right to Satanic worship

Constitutional Law

Mayor files civil rights suit against judge and DA’s office, says theft case was filed ‘to get even’

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS religion cases ‘flying under the radar’ involve beards, signs and passports


Six Montana justices file amicus brief defending ban on acceptance of partisan endorsements

First Amendment

3rd Circuit upholds ban on gay-conversion therapy for underage youths; will SCOTUS take the case?

Constitutional Law

ACLU to defend man jailed for posting heavy metal band’s violent song lyrics on Facebook