Top Florida court OKs new murder trial for lawyer’s ex-wife

Trials & Litigation

Top Boies Schiller litigator sues his mother for defamation

Death Penalty

Hundreds of Florida death-row inmates should get life following SCOTUS decision, amicus brief says

Business of Law

Resnick & Louis opens in Miami with 3-lawyer Akerman team, expects more hiring soon

Media & Communications Law

Law firm sues for libel after their sign was shown on TV show about unrelated insurance fraud probe

Constitutional Law

Top Florida court strikes state statute that paid worker’s comp lawyer $1.53 per hour

Criminal Justice

Dad found unfit for trial in bridge-drop death of 5-year-old daughter

White-Collar Crime

Former law school CFO takes theft plea; he will get probation and owe $24K in restitution

Criminal Justice

Transcript: Legal assistant fired by prosecutor’s office was admittedly present at drug transactions

Business of Law

Ex-client sues firm for allegedly accepting credit card payment for bankruptcy legal fees

Legal Ethics

Lawyer with state attorneys general practice didn’t violate lobbying law, ethics commission finds


Off-duty time with Legal Eagles recreational hockey team set lawyer on path to become an NHL coach

Legal Ethics

Impaired judge ordered home from court could not remember her address, investigative report says

Law Firms

9-lawyer group exits Carlton Fields for Duane Morris

Legal Ethics

Consensual sex with client leads to reprimand in one state, resignation from practice in another

Health Law

New Florida law seeks to prevent big hospital billing surprises

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer sued for defamation over praise of rival real-estate broker wins at trial

Constitutional Law

Writ asks Florida’s top court to block assignment of senior judges ‘for unlimited periods of time’

Family Law

After Florida repeals law, only two states still ban cohabitation

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer whose midtrial DUI setup by opposing counsel made headlines wins related malpractice suit