Law Firms

Law firms give and receive thanks by way of donated turkeys

Trials & Litigation

Settlement calls for wife’s life insurance to pay for husband’s defense in murder case

Criminal Justice

At least 10,000 rape kits are untested in Florida


Judge grants Hulk Hogan’s request to inspect Gawker’s computers

Consumer Law

Deadline looms for beer and tuna refund bonanza in major class-action settlements

Legal Ethics

Suspend judge for 90 days and fine her $20K for conduct in DUI case, panel tells top state court

Death Penalty

Death-row inmate seeking ‘spiritual freedom’ opts for statutory right to electric chair

Attorney Fees

Carlton Fields seeks $800K in fees in client’s failed fight for guardianship of multimillionaire

Criminal Justice

Federal employee is indicted for alleged lies about Confederate flag picture in workplace incident

Law Firms

Day Pitney to open in Florida by merging with small trusts and estates firm

Bar Associations

Florida Bar refuses to ease admission for out-of-state lawyers


Prolific snitch reads cellmates’ legal papers while they sleep, defense attorney says

Constitutional Law

11th Circuit strikes down Florida’s involuntary commitment law for intellectually disabled

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court considers Florida’s advisory death penalty system, juvenile sentencing


Self-described drunken driver live-streams video while behind wheel and is charged with DUI

Legal Ethics

Opinion disbarring ‘unrepentant’ lawyer cites disparaging emails, intentional smirking

Law Schools

Judge dismisses class action suit against Florida Coastal School of Law

Legal Ethics

Judge who challenged public defender to fistfight is suspended without pay


Lawyer killed goat, drank its blood, and is running for US Senate

Business of Law

Real-estate law firm plans 150 layoffs, will close its title company