Criminal Justice

Man drives truck with dead neighbor to lawyer’s office, says he killed in self-defense

Law Practice Management

Some GrayRobinson lawyers give up traditional desks and keep it moving


Florida Bar restrictions on lawyer ads which cite past results is struck down by federal court

Legal Ethics

Former client posed murder hypothetical, lawyer testifies

Business of Law

Fowler Rodriguez acquires 2 firms in Miami, opens another Florida office

Verdicts & Settlements

Tobacco companies agree to pay $100M to settle federal suits in Florida

Legal Ethics

Top state court refuses agreed discipline, says judge should lose $11.5K in pay for Facebook post

Legal Ethics

Judge agrees to reprimand for not revealing speeding ticket en route to appeals court job interview

Civil Rights

Feds won’t prosecute George Zimmerman in shooting of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin

Constitutional Law

Gay man refuses to serve on a jury in courthouse where clerk won’t perform same-sex weddings

Trials & Litigation

Banter with 80-year-old defendant lightens bond court hearing (see the video)

Animal Law

Owner sues for custody of ‘zombie cat’ who returned from grave after being hit by car and buried

Criminal Justice

Federal prosecutor’s ex-wife charged with attempted murder

Criminal Justice

Serial stowaway attempter flies again, is arrested in Florida

Law Firms

Surgical center claims unauthorized lawsuit resulted in counterclaim costing $2.1M

Criminal Justice

Lucky dogs from this police department are getting bulletproof vests

Criminal Justice

Former general counsel of notorious Rothstein law firm gets 18 months for fraud

Criminal Justice

Former prosecutor is charged with voyeurism for alleged tanning salon taping

Criminal Justice

Sheriff: Man arrested for tackling armed fellow Wal-Mart shopper who has a concealed-carry permit

Criminal Justice

County judge arrested on domestic violence charge; wife says he hit her until she blacked out