Legal Ethics

$50K fine recommended for judge over scuffle with public defender

Consumer Law

Air bag maker Takata’s expanded recall of nearly 34M vehicles is largest ever

Law Firms

Failed foreclosure firm that ‘grew way too fast’ leaves some 700 unpaid employees scrambling


Sheriff: Jailed man sends signed letter to courthouse about plan to plant bombs nearby


Judge agrees to $10K fine for cursing at store owner who displayed a rival’s campaign sign

Law Firms

Foreclosure law firm closes doors; 700 workers lose jobs, are told there’s no money to pay them

Family Law

Mom jailed in battle with dad over circumcision of 4-year-old son; judge is asked to halt surgery

Legal Ethics

Paralegal’s ex testifies, says she admitted DUI setup of opposing trial lawyer

Legal Ethics

2 lawyers and paralegal take Fifth; name partner says he didn’t direct DUI setup of trial opponent

Criminal Justice

George Zimmerman shot at but not seriously injured in road altercation

Legal Ethics

Judge may allow video of paralegal at trial of 3 lawyers accused in DUI setup of opposing counsel

Criminal Justice

Sheriff’s investigator convicted Thursday of extorting doctor also targeted lawyer, prosecutor says

Legal Ethics

Lawyers accused of DUI setup of opposing trial counsel fight to suppress video of paralegal

Criminal Justice

Man on the lam for 56 years is arrested in Florida trailer park; he appears in court in a wheelchair

Criminal Justice

Florida couple guilty of having sex on beach; man looking at up to 15 years in prison

Government Law

Lawyer’s plan to display cardboard cut-out if prosecutor skips race-relations meeting draws fire

Labor & Employment

Earlier clean-costume dispute helped fired Disney workers get rehired in Lion King case

Entertainment & Sports Law

Fans banned from stadium when Baltimore Orioles play tonight, which may be a MLB first

Privacy Law

Should cops’ body cam footage be made public? Lawmakers and police chiefs consider the issues

Criminal Justice

Man admits role in law firm scam; says he funneled $2.5M via 38 accounts last year