Criminal Justice

3rd county judge charged in DUI case goes to trial, after nixing plea deal

White-Collar Crime

Ex-administrator helped convict 6 lawyers, feds say, asking that judge cut her prison time in half

Legal Ethics

Florida’s chief justice orders judges to report colleagues who goof off

Trials & Litigation

Disbarred closing attorney scheduled to plead guilty in mortgage-fraud case is found dead

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge axes suit against law firm in sunken-treasure hoax, sets sanctions hearing for partner

Law Students

Law student says N-word Instagram comment was made by someone who hijacked her account

Constitutional Law

11th Circuit bans drug tests for welfare applicants, says they’re not students or working risky jobs

Constitutional Law

Judge stays enforcement of city ordinance making it a crime to feed the homeless

Labor & Employment

Senior city prosecutor faces possible issue at work after 3rd DUI arrest

Criminal Justice

Judge resentences polo mogul to 16 years in DUI manslaughter case, denies bond during appeal

Criminal Justice

Florida State gunman was a former BigLaw associate

Criminal Justice

Feds freeze 1,000 student accounts at Florida college, charge 21 in $1.9M tax-refund scheme

Death Penalty

Dozens of lawyers have missed habeas deadlines, resulting in just one sanction

Banking Law

Fannie Mae pursues borrowers for foreclosure losses in ‘robo-signer redux’

White-Collar Crime

Prison looms for onetime law student: 2nd Circuit denies stay in ‘most lucrative’ insider-tip case

Privacy Law

Lawyer for Jameis Winston tweets accuser’s name; could he be held liable?

Trials & Litigation

Feds claim Yankees star A-Rod paid personal assistant $900K to keep quiet

Women in the Law

‘Neurotic November’ is retired judge’s latest mystery novel

Criminal Justice

Lawyer accused in money-laundering sting allegedly told agent his name stood for ‘for love of money’

Government Law

Three people cited for violating Florida city’s new restrictions on feeding homeless