Law Schools

Judge dismisses class action suit against Florida Coastal School of Law

Legal Ethics

Judge who challenged public defender to fistfight is suspended without pay


Lawyer killed goat, drank its blood, and is running for US Senate

Business of Law

Real-estate law firm plans 150 layoffs, will close its title company

Legal Ethics

Judge removed from bench for promoting ministry is suspended from law practice


College student faces felony charge over what he says was a powdered-sugar prank

Legal Ethics

Florida bar says no to for-profit referral services not owned by bar members

Criminal Justice

Deputy serving restraining order is shot and killed outside law office

Attorney Fees

Florida Supreme Court asked to decide if legislature can limit attorney fees in cases against state

Privacy Law

Public defender sues over alleged law enforcement scrutiny of her driving records


Florida Supreme Court adopts no-frills judicial robe policy

Legal Ethics

Judge who refused sobriety test admits drinking more than she initially told investigators she had

Court Security

Asthmatic woman sprints from court, down stairs, past security, hails cab before deputy catches up

Legal Ethics

Top state court nixes judge’s unpaid 90-day suspension, wants more info about other possible issues

Law Firms

Lawyer is charged in alleged conspiracy to defraud law firms across the United States

Legal Ethics

Law firms in Florida can send text-message ads to prospective clients, state bar says

Work/Life Balance

Retired judge who helped set swim record at 85 makes ‘best law decisions’ in the pool

Legal Ethics

Referee: Disbar all 3 lawyers who ‘maliciously’ set up opposing trial counsel for DUI arrest

Legal Ethics

Disbarment sought for 3 lawyers who ‘maliciously’ set up opposing counsel for midtrial DUI arrest

Legal Ethics

Judge who hit sheriff’s patrol vehicle in courthouse parking lot agrees to 90-day unpaid suspension