Government Law

Constitutional Law

Ex-aide takes plea, 2 more allies of NJ gov face charges in ‘Bridgegate’ traffic-jam case

Appellate Practice

Lawyer’s ‘tale of apparent injustice’ in appeals brief falls short of argument, 10th Circuit says

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit OKs city’s ban on holiday displays, says ‘heckler’s veto’ doctrine doesn’t apply

Opening Statements

Texas craft brewers sue the state over a law restricting their distribution rights

Cover Story

Meet the lawyers behind high-profile investigations

Opening Statements

Law school offers a marijuana law class

Supreme Court Report

Dental board ruling may drill into state bar associations’ immunity

Business of Law

Feds go electronic on payments for indigent representation


May 8, 1980: Smallpox eradicated

Government Law

Negligent hiker injured on trail must pay $9.2K rescue bill, top state court rules

Labor & Employment

Rapped for photo taken with Snoop Dogg, state trooper files whistleblower suit against department

Government Law

Lawyer’s plan to display cardboard cut-out if prosecutor skips race-relations meeting draws fire

Public Defenders

Public defender asks private lawyers to help represent hundreds arrested in Baltimore

Trials & Litigation

Man arrested and jailed for using golf club as a cane files civil rights suit

Criminal Justice

Grand jury says state attorney general orchestrated leak and coverup

Government Law

Beset by drought, California lawmakers fast-track bill to ban towns from enforcing brown-lawn rules

Religious Law

Swingers club claims it is a church in zoning fight

Law Firms

Legal invoices in inmate suits are exempt from open records law, California court says

Constitutional Law

Contempt hearing bombshell: Sheriff Joe Arpaio admits he had federal judge’s wife investigated

First Amendment

Satirical ‘killing Jews’ ad can’t be banned from New York mass transit, judge rules