Government Law

Animal Law

Humane Society suit claims harassment by Oklahoma attorney general

Criminal Justice

FBI arrests powerful NY politician, says he masked $4M in bribes as attorney referral fees

Criminal Justice

Grand jury recommends perjury charge against Pennsylvania AG; she vows not to resign

U.S. Supreme Court

Fired air marshal can seek whistleblower protection for revealing security cuts, SCOTUS rules


Widow of longtime FedEx worker sues over denial of spouse’s pension benefits

Criminal Justice

Defense contractor pleads guilty in huge bribery scandal

Animal Law

Was family’s 8-foot alligator a serial cat killer? Probe seeks info on small pets missing since 1975

Media & Communications Law

Special prosecutor subpoenas reporters who said grand jury recommended charges against state AG

Criminal Justice

Federal judge nixes appeal bond for former Virginia governor sentenced to 2 years

First Amendment

State lawyer fired for anti-gay blog posts can’t collect unemployment pay, appeals court rules

Sentencing / Post-Conviction

California requiring paroled sex offenders to take lie-detector tests

Criminal Justice

Two lawmakers call for resignation of Pennsylvania AG over reports she may be indicted

Court Security

Ex-prosecutor accused of selling confidential info and his influence, due to drug addiction

Constitutional Law

Jailed suspect in triple slaying at municipal meeting sues warden over prison food

First Amendment

Maryland county official recants threat to sue reporter for printing his name without his permission

Aviation & Space Law

Drone video posted on YouTube raises safety, privacy concerns for one Illinois town

Animal Law

California ban on foie gras is struck down

Criminal Justice

Lawyer dad is charged with social-host violation over daughter’s ‘Playboy mansion’ themed party

Criminal Justice

City explains to angry residents how $6M embezzlement went undetected for a decade

Trials & Litigation

Man banned from school board meetings wins $147K settlement