Government Law

Government Law

Another AG won’t defend state law; this one gives NRA standing to challenge gun regulations

Attorney Fees

‘A flourishing industry’ pairs plaintiffs lawyers with state AGs in contingency suits

Court Security

Sheriff: Murderer’s claimed contact with 2 jurors in court elevator didn’t happen exactly as he says

Constitutional Law

‘Tis the season for lawsuits over holiday displays

Government Law

In wake of class action filing, Philadelphia DA drops effort to forfeit some homes


Graffiti suspect may have tagged from Seattle to Southern California, police say

Criminal Justice

DA blasts AG for saying corruption case against lawmakers shouldn’t be prosecuted

Election Law

Cozen can write off $448K election-case bill without having it count as a campaign contribution

Constitutional Law

En banc 1st Circuit ruling nixes state-funded sex-change surgery for prison inmate

Legal Ethics

Should ‘do no harm’ be added to lawyer ethics rules? Torture memo shows need for change, op-ed says

Legal Ethics

Florida’s chief justice orders judges to report colleagues who goof off

Government Law

Three cities sue Uber, citing noncompliance with state laws and municipal regulations

Tort Law

Family files RICO suit against lawyers and law firms over claimed barratry after auto accident

Civil Rights

Ferguson and other St. Louis-area towns are sued over municipal court fees


Senate torture report released; CIA lawyers mulled how to improve acceptance of harsh techniques

Government Law

After lawyer on bicycle was struck and killed, sheriff’s department may limit computer use

U.S. Supreme Court

May Texas reject Confederate flag specialty plate? SCOTUS to decide


US judge’s name is a household word in Argentina

Constitutional Law

DOJ report says Cleveland police have pattern of using unreasonable force

Constitutional Law

11th Circuit bans drug tests for welfare applicants, says they’re not students or working risky jobs