Government Law

Civil Rights

‘Jail 101’ report: Denver sheriff’s dept. needs systemic improvement to protect inmates and deputies

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer’s suit claims jail officer’s upskirt search with metal-detecting wand amounted to assault

Labor & Employment

Los Angeles gives preliminary OK to $15 minimum wage

Energy Law

Local fracking bans are banned under a new Texas law

Criminal Justice

Prominent lawyer jailed in child-porn case until he made $400K bail; public safety issue claimed

Legal Ethics

Lawyer removes Confederate flags from historic cemetery, sparking calls for disbarment

Privacy Law

House passes bill to end NSA’s bulk collection of data; critics say it doesn’t go far enough

Real Estate & Property Tax Law

Lawyer’s tree house, rented online for $195 a night, is legal but may raise property tax bill

Criminal Justice

NY Senate majority leader is on leave from his law firm job after arrest

Constutional Law

Illinois state pension law declared unconstitutional

Trials & Litigation

Judge dismisses Nebraska woman’s lawsuit against ‘all homosexuals’ on behalf of God, Jesus Christ

Civil Rights

AG Loretta Lynch announces ‘pattern and practice’ probe of Baltimore police practices

Criminal Justice

DA expands probe sparked by ‘hateful’ police texts, says at least 3,000 cases may be affected

Tax Law

61 percent of IRS employees who violated tax laws got to keep their jobs, report says

Constitutional Law

Flag desecration case nixed against man who wrote AIM on US stars and stripes

Consumer Law

Los Angeles sues Wells Fargo for fraud, says bank workers opened accounts without customer OK

Constitutional Law

Ex-aide takes plea, 2 more allies of NJ gov face charges in ‘Bridgegate’ traffic-jam case

Appellate Practice

Lawyer’s ‘tale of apparent injustice’ in appeals brief falls short of argument, 10th Circuit says

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit OKs city’s ban on holiday displays, says ‘heckler’s veto’ doctrine doesn’t apply

Supreme Court Report

Dental board ruling may drill into state bar associations’ immunity