Government Law

Family Law

Michigan district court stops performing marriages in the wake of gay-marriage decision


Clemency Project 2014 is out to help prisoners doing excessive time due to inflexible sentencing

National Pulse

Courts are reconsidering residency restrictions for sex offenders

National Pulse

Lawyers quarrel over tort liability after the Disneyland measles outbreak


July 28, 1932: U.S. Army disperses bonus marchers

Constitutional Law

Top state court nixes 10 Commandments monument at capitol

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court agrees to reconsider whether unwilling state can be hauled into another state’s court

Criminal Justice

Official: Deadly force on fleeing NY prison escapee justified

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS to consider First Amendment rights of public workers forced to pay for collective bargaining

Religious Law

County clerks, judges with religious qualms can refuse to issue gay marriage licenses, Texas AG says

Health Law

California lawmakers OK bill requiring parents to vaccinate their children

Animal Law

Dogged by animal officer, lawyer says castration case is a ‘monumental waste of resources’

Family Law

Cleared in second neglect case, ‘free range’ parents plan to sue

American Bar Association

ABA president seeks new US review of alleged CIA mistreatment of detainees

Legislation & Lobbying

Should Confederate flag be displayed? ABA president, state officials, stores take a stand against it

Constitutional Law

NYC to pay $6.25M to man jailed almost 25 years despite out-of-state alibi

Civil Rights

8th Circuit grants immunity to cops who shot at driver of backfiring van

Civil Rights

Confederate flag should be removed from South Carolina state capitol grounds, governor says

Trials & Litigation

Settlement saves Sweet Briar; lawyer to be at college helm, along with new board members

Real Estate and Property Law

Will probe of balcony collapse that killed 6 lead to new apartment building standards?