Constitutional Law

Defense lawyers say they think US may be eavesdropping on client talks in Gitmo terror cases


A Gitmo mystery: Who cut the video feed for reporters?

Legal Ethics

Ex-Navy Lawyer Is Disbarred for Sending Secret Names of Gitmo Detainees to Legal Group


Ad Attacks Michigan Supreme Court Candidate for Helping ‘Free a Terrorist’

Legal Ethics

Ex-Navy Lawyer Who Gave Detainee Names to Legal Group Fights for His Law License


Lawyers for Accused Sept. 11 Mastermind Say Their Gitmo Offices Are a Health Hazard


Lawyer: Ex-Gitmo Detainee Khadr Wants to Be Contributing Member of Society

Patriots Debate

As DC Circuit Weighs the Future of Guantanamo Inmates, Some Say Judicial Review Can Harm Military


Detention Policies: What Role for Judicial Review?


Citing First Amendment Concerns, Federal Judge Overturns Indefinite Detention Law

Guantanamo Bay/Detainees

Federal Judge’s ‘Scathing’ Opinion Blocks Gitmo Rule Change Restricting Lawyer-Client Contacts

Guantanamo / Detainees

Government Seeks to Control Detainees’ Access to Lawyers

Annual Meeting

Military Commission Lawyers Defend Their Work, Concede Flaws in the System’s Earlier Iterations

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court Rejects Padilla Torture Suit, Gitmo Detainee Cases


Lawyer for Sept. 11 Defendant Says She Wore Hijab at Arraignment Out of Respect for Client


Accused Sept. 11 Plotters to Be Arraigned; Lawyer Doesn’t Expect Guilty Pleas


Accused Sept. 11 Mastermind and Alleged Conspirators to Get Joint Trial at Gitmo


Gitmo Courts Impose Lighter Than Expected Sentences


Obama Takes Advantage of Waiver Provision in Terrorism Law

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer Sues Over New Gitmo Policy Requiring Review of Attorney Mail to Detainees