Criminal Justice

Lawyer’s conviction for licking client’s ear is upheld on appeal

Criminal Justice

Should Hawaii cops retain exemption allowing sex with prostitutes? Lawmakers debate the issue

Government Law

Injured lawyer pulls surviving colleagues from burning plane crash wreckage

Criminal Justice

Attorney who said he was tax law specialist understates own income on return, gets 20 months

Real Estate & Property Law

19 ‘right to dry’ states outlaw clothesline bans; is yours among them?

Court Security

Courthouse screeners enforce ban on cellphones ... and a pet duck


Sen. Daniel Inouye, Decorated War Veteran, Law Grad and Longtime US Leader, Dies at Age 88


Judge Tackles Unruly Man Who Jumped Up on the Bench

Government Law

$15.4M in Hiking Deaths of Gibson Dunn Partner and Cousin May Be Hawaii’s Biggest PI Settlement

White-Collar Crime

Convicted of Money Laundering, Lawyer Victimized in $300K Bad Check Scam Is Now Disbarred

Criminal Justice

Santa Cruz Lawyer Is Killed in Hawaii; Companion Who Leapt from Cliff Is Reported Suspect

Criminal Justice

Producer Sues ISP and its Fired Employee, Saying Hack Destroyed Season of Kids’ TV Series

Criminal Justice

Mistakenly Believing Immunity Applied, Ex-Diplomat’s Son Stole $300K from Law Firm

Tort Law

Judge OKs Suit re Maker’s Claimed Failure to Warn of ‘Addictive’ Nature of Lineage II Web Game

Law Firms

Law Firms Swindled Out of $500K in E-Mail Scam

Animal Law

Could Seal Be Homicidal? Worried Officials Plan Ban of Growing Baby

Legislation & Lobbying

There Ought to Be a Law ... Against Body Odor and Being Loaded While Loaded?

Criminal Justice

Man Charged in Honolulu Lawyer’s Murder; Domestic Situation Alleged

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge to Obama’s Citizenship

Election Law

Obama’s Grandma’s Early Ballot Still Counts, Despite Her Death