Health Law

Labor & Employment

Popeyes Chicken franchisee agrees to settle HIV discrimination claim with EEOC

Health Law

Full DC Circuit to reconsider decision that undermined the health-care law

Constitutional Law

Texas law requiring abortion clinics to upgrade facilities is struck down; state seeks stay

Opening Statements

Lawyer forms a national group to link food truck associations

Opening Statements

California court decision lets retailers breathe easy

National Pulse

Federal medical-privacy law frustrates ID theft victims

Supreme Court Report

Home-care aides don’t owe union fees, but court stops short of overruling a key precedent

Entertainment & Sports Law

Class action aims to curb soccer concussions

Legal Technology

‘Hackcess to Justice’ winners look to increase the reach of their apps

Consumer Law

Are you allergic to your technology? Suit seeks information on recalled Fitbit Force wristbands

Health Law

Ex-patient sues hospital and rabbi because his amputated leg was cremated

Military Law

Top military court will hear appeal of airman accused of exposing others to HIV

Annual Meeting

Winning apps in ‘Hackcess to Justice’ help write wills, navigate disasters and calculate jail time

Consumer Law

Quaker Oats settles case with agreement to remove trans fats

Health Law

Alzheimer’s patients aren’t liable for injuries to home-care workers, California Supreme Court says

Constitutional Law

Judge overturns law that would close three of Alabama’s five abortion clinics

Opening Statements

Consumer activists seek to challenge ‘protectionist’ funeral laws

U.S. Supreme Court

Did male justices in Hobby Lobby have ‘a bit of a blind spot’? Justice Ginsburg says yes

Constitutional Law

Law that would close Mississippi’s only abortion clinic is enjoined by 5th Circuit

Religious Law

Satanists assert a Hobby Lobby exemption from abortion informed-consent laws