Hurricane Sandy

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Were Hurricane Sandy damage reports altered to reduce payments to homeowners? Hearing is this week

Media & Communications Law

Red Cross claims some Hurricane Sandy spending information is a trade secret

Environmental Law

NJ couple OKs $1 settlement in eminent domain suit over their lost ocean view

Insurance Law

Closed by lack of power after Hurricane Sandy, law firm battles insurer over flooding exclusion

Your ABA

ABA responds to Superstorm Sandy with a reinforced disaster response plan

Solos & Small Firms

Hurricane Sandy caused losses that East Coast solos are struggling to offset

Your ABA

Threat of cyberattacks must be recognized and responded to, ABA president urges lawyers

Natural Disasters

Partner of Small NYC Law Firm Wonders When Phone Service Cut Off by Sandy Storm Will Be Restored

Government Law

Telecommuters Kept Patent Office at 70% Productivity During Hurricane Sandy

Pro Bono

BigLaw Donates Legal Services, Blood and Money to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

Internet Law

Can False Hurricane Tweets Spur Prosecution? Legal Experts See Some First Amendment Hurdles


Around the Blawgosphere: Legal Bloggers on the Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Legal News

Video: Hurricane Sandy’s Legal Fallout; Consequences for Tweeter of Fake News; GCs’ Big Donations

Natural Disasters

Hurricane Sandy Victim Is Son of New York Judge and New Hampshire Bar President


Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath Keeps Manhattan and Some NJ Courts Closed; Deadlines Extended

Insurance Law

Likely Hurricane Sandy Coverage Issues Include Extent of Flood Exclusion, Multiple Causation, Mold

Election Law

Election Forecast Is for Litigation if Hurricane Sandy Hampers Voting

Law Firms

Hurricane Sandy Didn’t Stop Some NY Lawyers—and One Law Firm Chef—From Coming to Work

American Bar Association

ABA Groups and Members Offer Help to Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

U.S. Supreme Court

Hurricane Sandy Shuts Down DC-NY Travel, and Lawyer Stays Put Post-SCOTUS Arguments
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