In-house Counsel

Business of Law

Bloomberg BNA unveils new business of law website

White-Collar Crime

Former general counsel is at forefront as last 4 defendants in massive Vegas HOA case head to trial

Corporate Law

Foreign companies losing discovery battles when their in-house counsel don’t meet US standards


Exec asked general counsel to pull up shirt but didn’t spot FBI body cam, news report says


Judge says top Penn State lawyer didn’t represent ex-officials, clearing way for obstruction trial

Trials & Litigation

Former in-house patent lawyer admits $5M billing scheme, will reimburse Hunter Douglas

Law by the Numbers

Corporations are adding to their in-house legal departments, cutting outside expenditures

Law Scribbler

Creator of the DuPont model makes an inside move

Criminal Justice

DA’s men accused of stealing rare comics forfeited by in-house lawyer jailed in $9M theft scheme

Legal Ethics

Vanguard tax lawyer says he was fired for persistent questioning; company says he violated privilege

Business of Law

Study of chief legal officers finds more bad news for law firms

Law By the Numb#rs

Because it’s still who you know


Top GM lawyer Michael Millikin to retire early next year

Around the Blawgosphere

What do GCs really want from law firms? | Flat fees can help ensure you get paid, blogger writes

Law Scribbler

After playing his ACES, GC Jeffrey Carr sits out a round

Criminal Justice

Lawyer gets probation for failing to report kickback scheme, says he didn’t want to rock the boat

In-house Counsel

Companies shift legal spending in-house as more embrace ‘in-sourcing’

Criminal Justice

Police arrest suspect charged in Boston Scientific lawyer’s murder after citizen spots him on foot

The New Normal

Attorneys who can address clients’ operational problems as well as their legal ones have an edge

In-House Counsel

Is Delaware decision a sensible ‘chip in the attorney-client privilege’?