Once America’s youngest death row inmate, released convict dies in apparent suicide


Judge who called parents ‘knuckleheads’ and their dispute ‘retarded’ is chided by top state court

Criminal Justice

Wife of appellate judge charged with threatening him in effort to get son-in-law arrested

Trials & Litigation

Christian Legal Society plans to help man prayer station outside Indiana courthouse

Criminal Justice

Man on lawn mower charged with public intoxication; police say BAC was 5 times legal limit

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is disbarred for ‘profoundly disturbing’ harassment of daughter’s former college roommate

Civil Rights

Indiana legislature tweaks religious freedom law with added LGBT protections

Legislation & Lobbying

Arkansas governor says he won’t sign religious freedom bill without changes

Legal Ethics

Public defender’s text to prostitute on phone in police possession leads to suspension

Criminal Justice

Homeless man gets job offers after he seeks maximum sentence for bank robbery

Criminal Justice

Cop uses crowdfunding to pay for DNA test and gets pulled from case

Entertainment & Sports Law

NFL launches ‘Deflategate’ probe of Patriots win; could Super Bowl be disrupted?

Law Professors

Indiana University law professor William Henderson named ‘most influential’ person in legal ed

Constitutional Law

‘Tis the season for lawsuits over holiday displays

Trials & Litigation

Odor in the court! Another judge complains of ‘repugnant stench’ from filing by state AG’s office

Constitutional Law

Mayor says FBI cleared 2 officers in chaotic arrest after seat-belt stop, returns them to duty

Law Practice Management

Lawyer is reprimanded for including noncompete provision in associate’s contract

Criminal Justice

Lawyer couple are charged in home invasion and stabbing

Trials & Litigation

Ex-Navy SEAL sues lawyer, says bad advice about best-selling Osama bin Laden book cost him millions


Judge blames defense lawyers for talk recorded by police, says they should have sought private room