Intellectual Property Law

Media & Communications Law

Sony Pictures hires David Boies, who warns media to destroy documents leaked by hackers

Patent Law

SCOTUS accepts Spider-Man patent royalty case; petitioners want court to overrule 1964 precedent

Legal Technology

Lawyer’s tech tools track litigation, predict chances of success before patent board

Appellate Practice

BigLaw patent lawyer faces possible sanction over petition filed with US Supreme Court

Trials & Litigation

Former in-house patent lawyer admits $5M billing scheme, will reimburse Hunter Douglas

Internet Law

Suit challenges Rightscorp’s ticketing method of policing infringers; are ISPs liable?

Niche Practice

Rightscorp fights Internet piracy by ‘ticketing’ copyright infringers

First Amendment

Google wins SLAPP motion, has constitutional right to list search results as it wishes

Consumer Law

Threatened patent suits amounted to deceptive tactics, FTC alleges; law firm and client settle

Legal Ethics

Federal appeals court blasts attorney for forwarding chief judge’s congratulatory email

Copyright Law

Federal judge says lawyer must pay $87K for filing ‘objectively baseless’ suit over Web news posts

Media and Communications Law

Does lights out loom for Aereo? Federal judge nixes cable license, leaves door open on DVR service

Intellectual Property Law

Actor in ‘Goodfellas’ sues Fox for $250M, says wise guy in ‘Simpsons’ cartoon is based on him

Trademark Law

Chobani is accused of violating ‘how’ trademark with its marketing campaign

Intellectual Property Law

Google threatened with $100M suit over hacked celebrity photos

Opening Statements

Patent Peace: The PTO creates a new office to harmonize the global patent system

Copyright Law

Satellite radio services dealt a blow when judge rules for Turtles members in copyright dispute

Trials & Litigation

Judge cuts millions from Apple’s cost request, including $1.5M for copies, in Samsung patent case

Intellectual Property Law

Activists sue over ownership of Twitter account used in Occupy Wall Street protests

Legal Rebels Profile

How Patrice Perkins creatively serves her creative clients