Internet Law

Internet Law

New Mexico top court overturns conviction due to Skype testimony, warns judges about social media

Business of Law

Online interactive legal documents would be legal in North Carolina under bill passed by legislature

Internet Law

Prosecutor’s Facebook post calls Orlando nightclubs ‘utter cesspools of debauchery’

Internet Law

Net neutrality rules upheld by federal appeals court in ‘slam-dunk’ for FCC

Legal Ethics

9th Circuit upholds sanction against ‘copyright trolling’ lawyers who sued porn downloaders

Business of Law

Appeals court: Yelp must remove defamatory 3rd-party material about lawyer who won defamation case

Internet Law

San Francisco mulls fining, prosecuting home-share sites like Airbnb for listing unregistered units


En banc 4th Circuit OKs tracking cellphone location without a warrant

Criminal Justice

‘Guccifer’ takes plea in hacking case; feds said he accessed personal accounts of political figures

Government Law

State Department lawyers weren’t asked to review Clinton’s use of private server, report says

First Amendment

‘Bad-ass lawyer’ can’t sue over parody Twitter account, appeals court says

Trademark Law

Vincent Gallo sues Facebook over claimed refusal to deactivate imposter’s account

Internet Law

Mozilla loses bid to learn about government hack in child-porn investigation

Internet Law

Partner demands website reveal identities of commenters who said they hated working at his firms

Criminal Justice

Man gets 37 months in federal prison for intimidating witness on Facebook

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court sends Spokeo misinformation suit back to 9th Circuit for a second look at standing

Disability Law

Law firm targets real estate companies for ADA suits over inaccessible websites

Internet Law misrepresented the source of its content and benefits of membership, 1st Circuit says

Internet Law

Does Facebook nix conservative articles in trending list? Senator’s query raises free-speech issues


Twitter reportedly bars US intelligence agencies from service that mines posts for terrorism alerts