Internet Law

Media & Communications Law

2nd Circuit nixes libel suit over ‘scarlet letter’ news stories that survived expunged arrest record


Federal magistrate joins Twitter, tweets about sports and fatherhood

Trials & Litigation

Was ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ multiple people? Federal judge limits defense in $200M Silk Road case


Drug-making video leads to home seizure

Trials & Litigation

Ulbricht was the fall guy in Silk Road’s illicit $1.2B business, defense tells jury

Privacy Law

Judge tosses ‘inventive’ suit seeking EPA phone records from NSA, threatens footnote limits

First Amendment

State lawyer fired for anti-gay blog posts can’t collect unemployment pay, appeals court rules

Privacy Law

Looking for a promotion or a new job? Secret statistical programs could doom or aid your chances

Privacy Law

New laws are needed to protect people from webcam spying, report says

Internet Law

Sony lawyer asks Twitter to suspend user who posted hacked documents

Entertainment & Sports Law

Sony Pictures cancels ‘Interview’ movie release, cites ‘unprecedented criminal assault’ by hackers


Hackers who attacked Sony Pictures posted employee medical info online

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is suspended for ‘intentional bullying tactics’ in Facebook message

Legal Ethics

Suspension recommended for lawyer who blogged about probate corruption and lawyer ‘feeding frenzy’

Internet Law

Man accused of revenge-porn Facebook post gets jail time

Internet Law

Suit challenges Rightscorp’s ticketing method of policing infringers; are ISPs liable?

Niche Practice

Rightscorp fights Internet piracy by ‘ticketing’ copyright infringers

Internet Law

Suit claims Google’s listings for unlicensed locksmiths harmed licensed business

Corporate Law

Are tech elite above the law? Columnist questions whether industry promotes lawless hubris

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit says paroled sex offenders don’t have to provide their Web names and addresses to police