Internet Law

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is suspended for his response to Internet criticism


US suit is filed over Ashley Madison hack as company offers $375K reward


Canadian lawsuit seeks $578M over dump of hacked info from Ashley Madison dating site

First Amendment

Student suspended for posting rap song loses appeal; court sees blurred lines in Internet age

Criminal Justice

Anonymous ‘cyberbullying’ by prosecutors deprived cops of fair trial, 5th Circuit says

Internet Law

Dissenter blasts Posner’s Internet research in inmate’s suit over acid reflux treatment


Divorce lawyers expect surge in clients after hackers dump data from Ashley Madison dating site


Federal judiciary considers dumping ‘ancient documents’ rule

Internet Law

Data brokers sold consumer info to scammers who stole $7M, FTC says

Criminal Justice

Insider traders used hackers to steal press releases, indictments allege


Citing twin law firm websites (1 real, 1 fake), bar group urges public to beware

Labor & Employment

As workers’ social media comments clash with employer expectations, the NLRB takes center stage

Court Security

Man facing charges over ‘storm the courthouse’ posts on Facebook had guns illegally, sheriff says

Trials & Litigation

City files copyright suit over government meeting footage in YouTube videos

Criminal Justice

Man is acquitted in felony murder case, but supporter faces charges over Facebook posts


Criticized by individual on Twitter, actor James Woods files unusual $10 million defamation suit

Privacy Law

Google will fight French bid to extend ‘right to be forgotten’ worldwide

Annual Meeting

How should we regulate the ‘sharing economy’?

Privacy Law

US increasingly uses malware in law enforcement, expert says; should a warrant be required?

Copyright Law

Georgia sues Carl Malamud group, calls publishing state’s annotated code of laws online unlawful