Work/Life Balance

Long-serving federal judge, 92, says ice-skating energizes him for work

Criminal Justice

Worker who stole cash from federal magistrate’s purse and gun from court office gets prison time

Constitutional Law

Contempt hearing bombshell: Sheriff Joe Arpaio admits he had federal judge’s wife investigated

Court Security

Courtroom incident shows why 6 security officers are needed at sentencings, lawman says

Law in Popular Culture

9th Circuit judge opens courthouse doors to public for free movie night

Legal History

Landmark NYC courthouse opens doors for free exhibit after 40 years of being closed

Media & Communications Law

Judge: If media wanted me to OK video cameras in Detroit bankruptcy case, I would have

U.S. Supreme Court

Was chief justice’s vote in dog-sniff case due to ‘Ferguson effect’?

Animal Law

After animal activists herald chimp habeas victory, judge amends her order

Bankruptcy Law

Federal judge jails ex-billionaire for contempt until he explains where $13.8M from resort sale went

Legal Ethics

Ex-judge gives up law license after taking plea in federal bribery case over jury verdict

White-Collar Crime

Former state supreme court judge mails court-ordered apology letters


Courthouse workers build nesting box on 5th-floor ledge after peregrine falcon eggs fall off edge

U.S. Supreme Court

Ginsburg makes Time’s list of most influential people; Scalia explains why

Trials & Litigation

US Supreme Court’s chief justice shows up for jury duty

Criminal Justice

Municipal judge who resigned after bounced bar-dues checks is now accused of client extortion

White-Collar Crime

Ex-judge accused of accepting bribes from lawyer takes plea; expected to get 2 years in prison

Legal Ethics

Offended by victim-impact statement, judge comments on Facebook; is it an ethics violation?

Criminal Justice

Warned not to drive home after DWI conviction, man does and is charged with drunken driving


10-year sentence for child sodomy leads to recall effort for judge who imposed it