Juvenile Justice

Internet Law

Teenager whose prank calls sent armed SWAT teams to dozens of US homes got 16 months

Trials & Litigation

Detective drops defamation suit against lawyer over her comments about teen sexting investigation

Juvenile Justice

8-year-old boy is charged with murder in toddler’s death; mom faces lesser charge

Juvenile Justice

New Jersey sheriff’s officer charged with illegally giving juvenile’s mugshots to newspaper

Opening Statements

Kentucky’s attempt to keep teens from dropping out of school meets with resistance


Federal judge says neuroscience is not ready for the courtroom—yet


Man takes plea in case over Facebook comments he made about murder trial

Criminal Justice

Manslaughter case against texting teen in boyfriend’s suicide will proceed, judge says

Law in Popular Culture

Teen invited to White House after arrest for bringing homemade clock to school

Education Law

Mechanically inclined teen who brought homemade clock to school is arrested on bomb suspicions

Juvenile Justice

Maryland public defender investigating every juvenile life-without-parole case

Family Law

Couple in court for juvenile hearing accused of leaving girl, 9, barricaded at home in closet

Sentencing / Post-Conviction

Federal judge who gave up his blog is posting again, offering his thoughts on sentence reform

Report from Governmental Affairs

Reauthorization bill seeks to update a key juvenile justice law after more than 10 years

Supreme Court Report

Those convicted as juveniles who are serving life without parole hope the court will go back in time

Criminal Justice

Dad who let 15-year-old drive gets prison time after fatal accident

Juvenile Justice

Why girls charged in Slender Man stabbing at age 12 will be tried as adults

Annual Meeting

Commissioners speak on the future of justice on American Indian land

U.S. Supreme Court

Ban life-without-parole sentences for juveniles retroactively, ABA urges SCOTUS

Family Law

Judge orders ‘brainwashed’ kids to live in juvenile facility for refusing to interact with their dad