Labor & Employment

Civil Rights

Federal bill would ban LGBT discrimination; Boies and Olson support it

Labor & Employment

Live-in nannies in au pair program are paid about $4 an hour because of collusion, suit alleges

Labor & Employment

Document review arguably ‘devoid of legal judgment,’ 2nd Circuit says, allowing wage suit to proceed

White-Collar Crime

Convicted of theft of $2K in services, ex-judge faces potential loss of $6K monthly pension

Labor & Employment

Judge who fired assistant before taking oath of office isn’t immune from suit, court rules

Attorney Fees

Judge blasts class action firm for $5M fee maneuver; it now gets zilch

Labor & Employment

EEOC opinion interprets gay bias as a form of sex discrimination

Religious Law

EEOC suit claims United Parcel Service’s appearance policy violates workers’ religious rights

Legal Education

Educators and young lawyer take opposing sides at hearing over academic credit for paid externships

Labor & Employment

3rd Circuit backs whistleblower in allowing retaliation suit against drug company to proceed

Trials & Litigation

Request for documents from the beginning of time is too broad, federal judge says

Labor & Employment

Suit targets Wal-Mart’s former policy barring insurance for same-sex spouses

Business of Law

Paid $650K in bonuses, 2 lawyers formed new firm and ‘wiped out’ senior lawyer, suit says


Massive hack attack on feds compromised background-check info for 21.5M people

Labor & Employment

5th Circuit: Feds must pay $500K in attorney fees to defendant company for bad faith in FLSA case

Verdicts & Settlements

McElroy Deutsch settles gender bias suit alleging unequal assignments, male-only golf outings

Education Law

University’s suit claims Alzheimer’s scientist conspired to take study data with him to new employer

Labor & Employment

Worker sues over Kmart’s plastic paychecks

Corporate Law

Judge nixes jury conviction of ex-Goldman Sachs programmer, calls law a bad fit in source-code case

Labor & Employment

2nd Circuit says 2 judges used wrong test in deciding high-profile cases over unpaid internships