Labor & Employment

Trials & Litigation

Gender bias is an issue in worker’s comp awards, some say; legislation proposed

Law Firms

Former partner with Asperger’s alleges bonus bias, solicitation of prostitutes by colleague

Disability Law

Lawyer’s claustrophobia ADA suit survives motion to dismiss

10 Questions

Why lead guitarist of Blind Melon left music for labor and employment law

Your ABA

ABA Health Law Section task force is helping breast cancer patients

Entertainment & Sports Law

Federal judge: NFL commissioner and arbitrator erred in suspending ex-Vikings player Adrian Peterson

Constitutional Law

Did local defense attorney’s criticism spark governor’s unusual firing of top prosecutor?

Labor & Employment

Local governments in Arkansas can’t bar gay discrimination as a result of new law

Trials & Litigation

Midwest law firm wins record $62M settlement from Lockheed in suit over 401(k) fees


EEOC expert made an ‘alarming number of errors,’ 4th Circuit says in background-check case

Law Firms

Steamy novel writer will have to get psych exam in wrongful firing suit against BigLaw firm

Civil Rights

Ex-clerk sues judge, says his own mental health was questioned when he refused to be bullied

Labor & Employment

Some gay state workers in Kansas still protected from discrimination, despite action by governor

Labor & Employment

NBC staffers are told to review news policy manual after Brian Williams is put on leave

Law Firms

Suit claims departing lawyers weren’t paid promised bonuses

Trials & Litigation

Both sides proclaim victory in jury’s $140K award to ex law firm associate, but say they may appeal

Labor & Employment

Ex-associate who sued law firm seeking $2M wins $90K plus undetermined punitives

Public Defenders

See the video: PD is handcuffed in court hall for refusing to step aside for police photo of client

Labor & Employment

Are app-summoned workers contractors? Suits seek protections; profs say new category needed

U.S. Supreme Court

6th Circuit botched contract law by favoring retiree benefits in ambiguous union pacts, SCOTUS says