Law in Popular Culture

Criminal Justice

Guilty of grisly murder, Jodi Arias auctions ‘one-of-a-kind’ item—spectacles she wore at trial

Criminal Justice

Post-9/11 ‘Tour de Force’ bikes from Boston to DC to NYC to honor terrorism victims

Trials & Litigation

Co-worker who texted juror about case gets reply text from judge


Ex-prosecutor blames Ambien, job pressure for Web posts he resigned over; says few were work-related


During suspension after cocaine conviction, lawyer wrote novel based on his life experience

Legal Marketing

5-attorney family law firm is lead sponsor for NASCAR driver, hopes he will win race and new clients

Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction

Harper Lee, ABA Journal fiction prizes announced

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Judging Posner


Selfie sent to burglary victim’s cloud account put couple at forefront of investigation

Criminal Justice

‘Best mug shot ever’: Man poses in T-shirt displaying booking photo as he begins DUI jail sentence

Law in Popular Culture

‘Let’s kill all the lawyers’ quote is popular on novelty gift items

Cartoon Caption Contest

Cartoon Poll: Which caption fits this canine cartoon best?

Law in Popular Culture

Downey Jr. and Duvall star in ‘The Judge,’ acclaimed new movie that will headline film festival

Cover Story

12 movies with pivotal lessons featuring lawyers

Opening Statements

New documentary looks back at the Pamela Smart murder trial

Opening Statements

Center studying law and culture moves to NYU

Crafting Stories

Stealing stories from the movies

August Cartoon Caption Contest

Cartoon: This argument looks serious. Submit your best caption

Criminal Justice

Convicted ‘Fatal Vision’ doctor loses retrial bid; judge discounts woman’s supposed confessions

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Wearing a ‘smartwatch’ to court | Trademarking a hog call | Better Call Saul—and here’s the number