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After 100 years as tenant under a verbal lease, law firm is moving to another building

Business of Law

New website uses crowdfunding to finance lawsuits

Criminal Justice

Did burglars target attorneys’ home based on their law firm website profiles?

Tax Law

Tax attorney will accept Bitcoin payments, but won’t take digital currency on retainer

Law Practice Management

Lawyer is reprimanded for including noncompete provision in associate’s contract

Business of Law

Workers reportedly get pink slips at Bingham global services center


Which law firms got perfect scores for LGBT inclusion?

Law Practice Management

Efficiency rather than billable hours will be used to evaluate associates at this large law firm

Trials & Litigation

Man who fell out of reclining chair during deposition loses negligence case against law firm

Law Practice Management

How to curb the law firm exodus? Study looks at traits of those most likely to leave law practice

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Study of chief legal officers finds more bad news for law firms

Law Firms

Bingham and Edwards Wildman shed lawyers ahead of potential mergers

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Wiley Rein is casting off its bankruptcy group

Law Firms

Seven SCOTUS clerks join Jones Day, snagging hefty hiring bonuses

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How to network without feeling slimy (podcast with transcript)

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Techno-Change-o: Paralegal, legal assistant duties expand

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Unwanted Guests

President's Message

Supporting Our Veterans: We can help those who serve our country in many ways

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Under the Hood: A new program at Hastings Law teaches students about startups

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Wipe Out: New app helps people expunge their records