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Trials & Litigation

News of DA probe ended Dewey merger and bank talks, says ex-leader of failed law firm

Trials & Litigation

Deaf man who pleaded guilty to iPad theft that didn’t occur moves ahead in civil case


Nearly 300 employees will lose jobs, law firm says in layoff notice

Law Practice Management

BigLaw firm abandons the corner office in its new egalitarian digs

The New Normal

Have you hired an innovation intern?

Law Practice Management

Goodbye Rambo, hello ‘mindfulness’: More lawyers embrace Zen-inspired techniques

Legal Ethics

New Jersey considers harms of admission by motion; is ban protectionist?

Legal Marketing

Stolen bronze baseball statues had made law firm a local landmark

ABA London Sessions

What can US and UK lawyers learn from each other about best practices?

Law Firms

Former Dewey controller testifies he falsified accounting records

Bar Associations

New bar association focuses on marijuana

Banking Law

UK court says ex-Dewey leader must repay $540K capital loan; he hopes US court will cancel it

Business of Law

Nelson Mullins opens NYC office, expands capital markets practice

Business of Law

Littler is hiring for new Kansas City admin center as it lays off 113 staffers in San Francisco

Business of Law

UK law firm goes public, raises nearly $46M; how much will partners get?

Law Firms

Final name partner leaves Nelson Brown; is firm ‘effectively dead’?


Seven people pass test to become nation’s first legal technicians

Asked and Answered

Marijuana businesses need lawyers, but how do you build that practice? (podcast with transcript)

Solos / Small Firms

Temp services offer part-time lawyers for occasional needs

Law Scribbler

Team approach keeps pregnancy leave from stalling careers