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Law Professors

Business of Law

Law school clinics join to help battle patent trolls

Law Schools

Law school consumer data now available for comparative purposes

Appellate Practice

Are longer appeals briefs better? Much ink is spilled over proposed 1,500-word cut in length limit

Legal Education

ABA committee seeks more detailed data on law school attrition

Law Schools

Once rivals, two Minnesota law schools announce plans to merge

Law Schools

Should laptops be banned in law school? Comprehension suffers from verbatim notes, law prof says

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court’s ‘shadow docket’ would benefit from greater transparency, op-ed says

Law Professors

Former law dean allegedly offered to pay $100 for sex acts, arrest affidavit says


Lawyers are more liberal than general population, study finds; what about judges?

Opening Statements

New project rewrites SCOTUS opinions from a feminist perspective

Solos & Small Firms

Young lawyers take flight after incubator programs

Law Schools

Law dean calls out sexism in evaluation of female prof, tells students to forgo ‘fashion advice’

Law Professors

Well-known law prof battles stigma of chronic fatigue syndrome by going public

Law Schools

Law prof blasts ‘downright predatory’ poaching of his school’s students; top transfer schools named

Law Professors

Res judicata bars bias suit by convicted law prof, 8th Circuit rules

Legal Theory

Evaluate law by happiness impact, profs suggest; is 20 years in prison four times worse than five?

Law Professors

Indiana University law professor William Henderson named ‘most influential’ person in legal ed

Trials & Litigation

Sued for defamation by lawyers he criticized in civil rights case, Dershowitz says they made his day

Privacy Law

Looking for a promotion or a new job? Secret statistical programs could doom or aid your chances

Law Professors

Sensitivity is the real issue in teaching of rape law, law prof says