Law Professors

Law Professors

Well-known law prof battles stigma of chronic fatigue syndrome by going public

Law Schools

Law prof blasts ‘downright predatory’ poaching of his school’s students; top transfer schools named

Law Professors

Res judicata bars bias suit by convicted law prof, 8th Circuit rules

Legal Theory

Evaluate law by happiness impact, profs suggest; is 20 years in prison four times worse than five?

Law Professors

Indiana University law professor William Henderson named ‘most influential’ person in legal ed

Trials & Litigation

Sued for defamation by lawyers he criticized in civil rights case, Dershowitz says they made his day

Privacy Law

Looking for a promotion or a new job? Secret statistical programs could doom or aid your chances

Law Professors

Sensitivity is the real issue in teaching of rape law, law prof says

Privacy Law

New laws are needed to protect people from webcam spying, report says

Law Schools

Law school faculty numbers shrink 11 percent since 2010; which schools shed the most full-timers?

Criminal Justice

Law prof, attorneys and students protest in rain at Los Angeles courthouse

Law professors

Is teaching rape law too risky? Sensitive law students don’t want to discuss it, law prof says

Women in the Law

Female law review authors are cited at a higher rate than men, study finds

Law Students

Georgetown 3L sues over prof’s alleged secret recordings at ritual bath

Law Schools

Marijuana class ‘sold out fast’ at this law school

Law Schools

Law schools are in ‘hand-to-hand combat’ for the best students, dean says

Opening Statements

Law profs develop Supreme Court predictor to better understand court decisions

Law Schools

New law school president throws in towel after 8 days on the job


Are 2016 law grads in luck? New stats say lawyer jobs will exceed graduates that year

Constitutional law

Law prof becomes third lawyer to take on House suit against Obama