Law Professors

Law Schools

Can this legal maneuver save Charleston School of Law?

Law Schools

Paychecks will shrink for Pace Law School professors and staffers

Law Schools

Dean Watch: Legal innovator to head Suffolk, first woman to lead Cardozo

Labor & Employment

As same-sex marriage gains ground, some employers cut benefits for same-sex couples who don’t wed

Environmental Law

New Wyoming law turns environmental activists into criminals, law prof says

Law Professors

Law prof who alleged injury from a colleague’s shoulder squeeze is allowed to pursue assault suit

Legal Education

ABA committee wants to end use of alternative law school admission tests

Question of the Week

In your experience, do new lawyers have the necessary skills to be ready to practice?


Good news for new lawyers: Fewer grads mean better job prospects, report shows

Law Schools

Law school brain drain: Fewer individuals with high LSAT scores are applying

Law Professors

Law profs victimized in tax-refund scam

Legislation & Lobbying

Will provision in funding law stop feds from prosecuting marijuana crimes?

Internet Law

Blogging law prof didn’t defame plaintiff with ‘between the lines’ analysis, appeals court says

Law Students

Law profs design course to combat student anxiety

Environmental Law

Laurence Tribe’s legal work for coal company has environmentalists fuming

Law Schools

Rural law school grapples with plunging enrollment, exodus of professors

Law Schools

Two law profs sue William Mitchell over proposed changes to tenure policy as law school merger looms

Constitutional Law

Federal judge blasts expert for not evaluating inmate jail brutality claims, but OKs case for trial

Law Schools

A turning point for law schools? As studies are cited, law prof bets not one will close

Death Penalty

Hundreds of attorneys petition top Texas court over law prof’s 1-year suspension from pro bono work