Lawyer Pay

Lawyer Pay

Law schools dominate list of grad schools with highest-earning alumni; Santa Clara makes top 10


Former Holland Knight partner sues over alleged $1.5M underpayment

Lawyer Pay

Change in BigLaw ranks leads to shrinking prevalence of $160K starting pay


Did law grad make the wrong choice? Her $300K in education debt easily fails ROI calculation

Law Scribbler

After playing his ACES, GC Jeffrey Carr sits out a round

Government Law

Ex-judge likely headed to prison is expected to get pension of up to $150K annually

Trials & Litigation

Law firm sues ex-partner, says he billed client for $2.3M in fictional work

Lawyer Pay

Equity partner pay continues to grow, while nonequity pay is almost flat, survey says

Law By the Numb#rs

A lawyer’s value, hour by hour

Lawyer Pay

Foley partner who claimed bias because of lesser pay loses in 6th Circuit


Diamond McCarthy files clawback suit against firm’s own ex-partner, over $1.4M Dreier trustee fee


Cahill Gordon announces summer bonuses of $5K to $15K

Criminal Justice

Lawmaker lied to FBI about son’s law firm job, feds say; did lobby group fund son’s $50K raise?

Law Schools

Is law school like an undervalued stock? Job hunt could be ‘relative cinch’ for class of 2016

Solos & Small Firms

When letting a bill go unpaid can be good for business

Business of Law

BigLaw hiring is up, NALP survey says, but record law grad class vied for fewer overall jobs


Median salary is $95K for new law grads working in law firms, NALP study shows

Labor & Employment

Boycott seeking $70 per hour for court-appointed lawyers fizzled when other attorneys took the cases

Lawyer Pay

Courthouse custodians make more money than new prosecutors in this state

Women in the Law

Billing rates lag for female lawyers; are ‘backroom assessments’ to blame?