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Is it time to reevaluate the standard for legal malpractice in criminal cases?
Afternoon Briefs: California bar seeks proposals on nonlawyer practitioners; online ‘sneak-in’ contracts abound

California bar working group to consider licensing nonlawyer practitioners

The State Bar of California is forming a working group to make recommendations on the licensing of nonlawyers to perform some…

Fired partner is accused of double billing, charging personal expenses to firm
A former Vedder Price partner in Chicago is accused in an ethics complaint of double billing for legal services and charging the firm for personal expenses.
Judge censured after representing daughter in family law court

The State of New York Commission on Judicial Conduct found that Judge William Edwards’ conduct was close to warranting removal, but because he had admitted his behavior warranted public discipline, censure was appropriate.

Afternoon Briefs: Harvey Weinstein threatened with jail for courtroom phone use; Supreme Court closes for weather

Judge threatens to jail Harvey Weinstein after he uses cellphone in court

On Tuesday, a Manhattan judge threatened to jail former film producer Harvey Weinstein for using his cellphone in…

Afternoon Briefs: Biden likes Obama for Supreme Court; ex-law student among successful GirlsDoPorn plaintiffs

Biden would consider Obama as Supreme Court nominee

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden said Dec. 28 he would appoint former President Barack Obama to the U.S.…

Judge tells lawyer who sent ‘eat a bowl of dicks’ emails the profession doesn’t need him
A show-cause hearing began badly and then got worse for a California lawyer who told opposing counsel in an email to “eat a bowl of dicks.”
BigLaw partner who said she worked 3,173 billable hours is suspended for overbilling
A BigLaw partner who relied on her assistant to create first-draft billing records based on her work product has been suspended for six months for overbilling.
Judge reprimanded over ‘snobby ass’ email to Washington Post reporter
A Montana judge has agreed to a public reprimand for expressing political opinions on QAnon to a Washington Post reporter using his official email.
Missouri judge has literally been ordering overworked public defenders to violate ethics rule
Judges across Missouri have turned a blind eye to problems faced by overburdened public defenders by ignoring their pleas for help, forcing assembly-line justice and even requiring violation of ethics rules, critics say.
For giving $11 to incarcerated boyfriend, lawyer gets stayed suspension
Updated: A lawyer who pleaded guilty to promoting contraband in jail for giving $11 to her incarcerated boyfriend has received a stayed suspension of her law license.
Lawyer who suggested then abandoned ‘Breaking Bad’ money laundering plot is indefinitely suspended
An Ohio lawyer who offered to launder money for a confidential informant he thought to be a drug dealer has been indefinitely suspended by the Ohio Supreme Court.
Afternoon Briefs: Prosecutor killed in ‘freak accident’ in courtroom; lawyer accused of filing suits for nonclients

South Africa prosecutor is killed in courtroom gun incident

A South Africa prosecutor was killed Monday when a gun being entered into evidence discharged and the bullet struck her in…

Lawyer who made news with smoldering courtroom pants faces possible discipline
A Florida lawyer who made news when his pants began to smolder during his client’s arson trial has been asked to show cause why he shouldn’t be disciplined for a lawsuit claim that he made on the defendant’s behalf.
New California bar study finds racial disparities in lawyer discipline

A newly released study that found racial disparities in California’s lawyer discipline system will help the state bar address unintended bias. The study found racial disparities in probationary discipline, disbarment and discipline-related resignation.

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Afternoon Briefs: California bar seeks proposals on nonlawyer practitioners; online 'sneak-in' contracts abound
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