Legal Ethics

Legal Ethics

Top state court rebuffs judge’s constitutional challenge to moonlighting ban


Allegation of sexual misconduct by federal judge in 1998 will be investigated by committee

Legal Ethics

Ruling gets lawyer a 1-year suspension for misconduct

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is publicly censured for not disclosing teen shoplifting conviction on bar application

Asked and Answered

How can attorneys get help without harming their careers? (podcast)


Lawyers who self-medicate to deal with stress sometimes steal from those they vowed to protect

Cover Story

Valuing and selling a firm takes time, matchmaker skills


Florida Bar restrictions on lawyer ads which cite past results is struck down by federal court

Legal Ethics

Ethics opinion: It’s OK to ‘practice’ after selling a law practice to assist in the transition

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge sanctions 3 lawyers, says they can’t file oil spill claims against BP

Elder Law

Lawyer acted appropriately when representing client who wanted to leave nursing home, court says

White-Collar Crime

Former judge gets 26 months in federal case over $2.9M investment scheme

Legal Ethics

Former client posed murder hypothetical, lawyer testifies

Law Firms

Disbanded Heller firm isn’t entitled to profits from cases taken to new firms, ABA brief says

Legal Ethics

Lawyer fights ‘Scarlet S’ of suspension in suit claiming state bar has unconstitutional authority

Legal Ethics

Top state court refuses agreed discipline, says judge should lose $11.5K in pay for Facebook post

Legal Ethics

Judge agrees to reprimand for not revealing speeding ticket en route to appeals court job interview

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS smiles on nondentist teeth whiteners, allows antitrust action against dentistry board

Legal Ethics

Censure recommended for judge who had little patience for smirking defendants

Legal Ethics

Failure to pay child support warrants disbarment, state supreme court says