Legal Ethics

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is accused of persuading client to invest $120K in his cat litter box invention

In-House Counsel

Is Delaware decision a sensible ‘chip in the attorney-client privilege’?

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Ohio lawyer is sentenced to 13 years for sex crimes; jury ‘got it wrong,’ he says

Legal Ethics

Ethics complaint cites judge’s ‘inexplicable’ and ‘bizarre’ behavior and ‘paranoia’

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is accused of violating lifetime ban on representing women; disbarment sought

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is suspended in third state after police standoff

In-house Counsel

GM legal department is reportedly under scrutiny by prosecutors

Trials & Litigation

Provocation isn’t an excuse for lawyer’s F-word email, judge says

Legal Ethics

Accepting 243-pound pot shipment from undercover cop leads to lawyer’s disbarment

Bankruptcy Law

11th Circuit reverses bankruptcy sale, criticizes lawyer

Law Firms

Mystery complainant sends ethics claim to 42 state bars; law firm seeks postal records for answers

White Collar Crime

Disbarred NY lawyer admits embezzling $207K in trust funds

Legal Ethics

OK nonlawyer ownership of firms, says Canadian bar

Trials & Litigation

Ethics charges reveal new details in case of judge who punched public defender

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS sends inmate’s claim he didn’t authorize cert petition to ethics board

Legal Ethics

Restriction on judicial quotes in lawyer ads violates First Amendment, 3rd Circuit rules

Legal Ethics

Prosecutor is accused of adding admission of guilt to transcript; he said it was a joke


Judge is accused of ‘extreme and personal’ hostility toward lawyer

Annual Meeting

Let more in-house counsel do pro bono service, ABA House resolution says

Annual Meeting

You don’t need perfect tech knowhow for ethics’ sake—but a reasonable grasp is essential