Legal History

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The Modern Law Library

John Lennon’s lawyer explains how musician’s deportation case changed immigration law (podcast)

Trials & Litigation

Judge tosses verdict against cop in alleged road-rage incident, cites trial misconduct by lawyer

Opening Statements

New documentary ‘Balancing the Scales’ sheds light on the challenges female lawyers have faced

Bryan Garner on Words

Celebrating the powerful eloquence of Justice Robert Jackson

Business of Law

Litigator’s book documents the service of Kansas’ Frontier Guard to President Lincoln

The Modern Law Library

A seismic shift in how the US wages war, and what it means for the American public (podcast)

Report from Governmental Affairs

Internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II offers cautionary message

Law Libraries

Digitization of Harvard case law library will show court patterns and trends

Law in Popular Culture

Eddie Redmayne will play Cravath name partner in movie about Thomas Edison patent battle

Legal Ethics

Judge is admonished for ‘highly inappropriate’ exchange with defendant


50-year story of the Miranda warning has the twists of a cop show


What ‘Hamilton’ teaches lawyers about framing a story


Aug. 10, 1964: Gulf of Tonkin resolution begins the Vietnam War

The Modern Law Library

How a 1980s lynching case helped bring down the Klan (podcast)

Law in Popular Culture

Book Review: ‘Tom & Lucky (And George & Cokey Flo)’


50 years later, Freedom of Information Act still chipping away at government’s secretive culture

Supreme Court Report

Oyez website finds sponsors to take over its Supreme Court audio archives


July 28, 1868: The 14th Amendment is ratified

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: The year the law did not change


Retirement ends 54-year career of longest-serving US court clerk
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