Legal History

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The Modern Law Library

How a 1980s lynching case helped bring down the Klan (podcast)

Law in Popular Culture

Book Review: ‘Tom & Lucky (And George & Cokey Flo)’


50 years later, Freedom of Information Act still chipping away at government’s secretive culture

Supreme Court Report

Oyez website finds sponsors to take over its Supreme Court audio archives


July 28, 1868: The 14th Amendment is ratified

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: The year the law did not change


Retirement ends 54-year career of longest-serving US court clerk


June 8, 1968: James Earl Ray is captured

Asked and Answered

How well do people actually know their Miranda rights? (podcast with transcript)

The Modern Law Library

‘Vagrant Nation’ explores the rise and fall of vagrancy laws (podcast)

President's Message

On 50th anniversary of landmark Miranda decision, is it more than mere words?


May 8, 1973: American Indian Movement surrenders at Wounded Knee after 71-day standoff

Cover Story

Did litigation kill the Beatles?

Criminal Justice

Board OKs parole for ex-Manson Family member convicted in ‘Helter Skelter’ slayings

Law in Popular Culture

Lawyer’s screenplay about Thurgood Marshall’s early life begins filming next month


Retired lawyer, 95, worked at ‘Tokyo Trials’ as legal secretary after WWII, knew Japanese leaders

Law Firms

As its stock hovers near a record low, Slater & Gordon GC resigns after two months

Supreme Court Report

After Scalia: The Supreme Court goes back to work amid uncertainty


April 16, 1947: Deadly ship explosions lead to first class action

Disability Law

Retailer must make website accessible to visually impaired and pay plaintiff legal fees, judge rules
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