Legal History


Dec. 31, 1970: McCartney files to dissolve the Beatles

Law Firms

This law firm is the world’s oldest

Legal History

Did James Madison put his ‘spin’ on constitutional convention notes? Law prof sees manipulation

Constitutional Law

Hacktivist group’s ‘Million Mask March’ sparks protests at US federal courthouses

Health Law

Doctor convicted of murder in patient OD deaths; case may be first successful US prosecution

Corporate Law

Arbitration clauses effectively eliminate consumer rights for many, New York Times reports


How prosecutors brought down Lucky Luciano

Your ABA

Choir of lawyers is a hit at Magna Carta celebration


Nov. 5, 1831: Nat Turner tried for slave rebellion

Death Penalty

Death-row inmate seeking ‘spiritual freedom’ opts for statutory right to electric chair

Legal Ethics

Law grad seeks to take the bar exam despite conviction for sex-related offenses in 1998


John Roberts marks 10 years as chief justice by taking the long view

Opening Statements

Ralph Nader opens his American Museum of Tort Law


Oct. 29, 1692: Special witch trials dissolved

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: 10 lessons from Chief Justice Roberts’ first 10 years

Legal Ethics

Commission urges more standardized discipline rules and penalties for New York lawyers

Legal Ethics

A day after making evidence-bag claim, lawyer for hockey star’s accuser abruptly quits

Law in Popular Culture

As movie about courthouse shooter premieres, hostage recalls how experience turned her life around

Constitutional Law

10 common misconceptions about the Constitution

Criminal Justice

Evidence in ‘shaken baby’ cases not as clear-cut as once thought, expert says