Legal Technology

Legal Technology

IP analytics company Lex Machina is sold to LexisNexis; it plans expansion to new practice areas

Legal Ethics

Does lawyer have ethical duty to replace hacked client funds? It depends, ethics opinion says

Legal Technology

Need money for an expert witness, legal fees or bail? Some turn to crowdfunding

Government Law

Law firm calls LED sign ban unfair, says gas station got preferential treatment

Criminal Justice

How California cops are using mobile fingerprinting and facial recognition devices

Legal Technology

These law students combine technology with fee-generating cases


Are lawyers better at evidence collection than tech companies?

Law by the Numb#rs

Half of respondents in legal tech survey have encryption, but less than a third use it

Legal Technology

Want to be more productive? New desk lets user work while lying down

Legal Technology

‘Free the Law’ project by Harvard’s law library is scanning books for free Internet case database

Legal Marketing

This law firm will spend more than $25M in legal advertising this year, report says

Legal Technology

App to aid migrant workers wins 3rd Hackcess to Justice hackathon

Consumer Law

Couple’s suit says Apple should pay for increased usage cost from Wi-Fi Assist feature

Legal Technology

Will newbie associates be replaced by Watson? 35% of law firm leaders can envision it

Bar Associations

LegalZoom resolves $10.5M antitrust suit against North Carolina State Bar


Want a great password? Use iambic tetrameter and rhyming program to create poem, researchers say

Business of Law

AIG launching consulting company to advise corporate clients on efficient legal operations

Legal Technology

Synthetic DNA could help foil problem of forged art, experts say


Self-described drunken driver live-streams video while behind wheel and is charged with DUI

Privacy Law

California law requiring warrant for digital searches is ‘a landmark win for digital privacy’