Legal Technology

Legal Technology

Crowdsourcing legal research website adds writing tool that ‘could be a game-changer’


Techshow 2015 tackles ethics, the skills gap and the latest gadgets

Law Scribbler

New app aims to find you a sub in a second

Law by the Numb#rs

1 in 10 will click on attachments in phishing emails, study finds

Ambrogi on Tech

Lawyer-referral firm puts its emphasis on the human touch


The biggest hurdle for lawyers with disabilities: preconceptions

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Research Angels

Business of Law

‘Hackathon’ movement may jump-start a legal career

Kennedy on Tech

Speech recognition moves past the dream stage


‘Ransomware’ software attacks stymie law firms


Low-cost e-discovery services target small firms, simpler cases


Four law schools participate in residency program with legal tech firm

Legal Technology

App records cop during drunken-driving stops, will call a lawyer if not shut off in 45 minutes

Legal Marketing

Leaders of top 15 most profitable law firms aren’t on Twitter

Law Scribbler

What will lawyers be doing in 5 to 10 years?

Law Scribbler

It’s a mobile world—embrace digital marketing and learn Google’s secrets, Lawyernomics speakers say

Law Schools

Dean Watch: Legal innovator to head Suffolk, first woman to lead Cardozo

Law Scribbler

How should you reboot your legal marketing? Lawyernomics speakers will explore

Law Scribbler

Legal innovation summit attendees are long on ideas but short in data

Law Scribbler

True innovation in the legal industry requires outside views and thinking, summit speakers say