Legal Technology

Legal Technology

An hour spent on security checklist will help block hackers, WSJ tech columnist says

Criminal Justice

Texas police turn into ‘mobile debt collectors’ with license-reader program

National Pulse

Databases create access to police misconduct cases and offer a handy tool for defense lawyers

Billing / Collecting

‘Plastic payments’ have their risks and their rewards

Law by the Numb#rs

Legal startups seeking seed capital are sprouting

The New Normal

Richard Susskind Q&A: ‘The competition that kills you ... may not look like you’

The New Normal

Profession at a crossroads: Will lawyers lead, follow or get out of the way?

Privacy Law

US uses hacker technique to catch child-porn offenders; was search warrant too extensive?

Business of Law

Axiom expands into Canada by acquiring part of Cognition

Real Estate & Property Law

Hackers are stealing closing funds by intercepting lawyer-client email, experts say


Suit claims Pacer is overcharging for docket reports because of counting error

Legal Technology

This high-tech police department trawls social media, license plates; watches city with audio, video

Legal Technology

Will technology create a lawyer ‘jobs-pocalypse’? Doomsayers overstate impact, study says

Litigation Services

Ex-TV newswoman’s videos tell plaintiffs’ tales in personal injury cases


Courts use special masters, mediation to help solve e-discovery issues

Law Scribbler

Hackathon winners’ app helps migrant workers locate aid

Law by the Numb#rs

Midsize corporations are slow to pick up on e-discovery innovations

Ambrogi on Tech

New top-level posts grow from law firm tech expertise

Legal Technology

Lawyer resigns himself to paying ransom for release of computer files


Woman is charged with fleeing accident scene after her own vehicle called 911