Legal Technology

Legal Technology

Lawyers slow to adopt email encryption and other forms of secure communications, ABA survey finds

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Which practice areas are going to be the most lucrative in the future? (podcast)

Law Scribbler

Evolve Law hopes to foster a collaborative community for legal tech

American Bar Association

ABA and Rocket Lawyer launch on-demand legal advice pilot program

Law Practice

LegalForce is looking for a few good apprentices

Your ABA

Get rid of UPL, Avvo founder tells House during TED Talk-like speeches

Legal Technology

Is LinkedIn helpful or a headache? Blog post confessing disenchantment leads to connection requests

Cover Story

What the jobs are: New tech and client needs create a new field of legal operations

Law Practice Management

Insiders are stealing data without law firms even realizing it


Got cyber liability insurance? Few lawyers say they have it, despite security breaches

Legal Rebels Profile

Jonathan Zittrain: Fighting ‘link rot’ in court opinions and legal scholarship

Legal Rebels Profile

Professor Tanina Rostain has her students developing access-to-justice apps

Legal Rebels Profile

V. David Zvenyach: Professional legal hacker

Legal Technology

Fastcase acquires rival legal-research company Loislaw

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Michael Hollander’s digital expungement generator cleans records by the thousands

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Kyle Rimel: Using technology to bring court services to remote areas

Legal Rebels Profile

Nikki Zeichner uses data to give new perspectives on parole and incarceration

Legal Technology

Are you a smoker? A drug user? Your fingerprints may tell all

Privacy Law

Tech companies fight Justice Department over access to data

Legal Technology

Blogging lawyer is banished from legal networking site Foxwordy