Criminal Justice

DA promises ‘appropriate action’ after defense lawyer allegedly scuffles with prosecutor

Consumer Law

Louisiana suit claims State Farm emphasizes costs over safety with preferred auto repair shops

Disability Law

Louisiana Supreme Court settles ADA probe by DOJ over mental-health queries on bar application

Internet Law

Gadfly buys website in DA’s name after he lets registration expire

Tort Law

Office manager sues after ex-client fires dozens of rounds at law firm

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is charged with cyberstalking after allegedly sending harassing text message to club owner

Business of Law

Kelly Hart opens New Orleans office with 6-lawyer team from Gordon Arata

Legislation & Lobbying

Posed cadavers at funerals in Puerto Rico allowed under 2012 law; a New Orleans trend?

Criminal Justice

New Orleans lawyer gets probation on money-laundering charge

Criminal Justice

Elevator conversation results in new trial for BP engineer convicted in Deepwater Horizon case

Animal Law

G-r-reat news for truck stop about Tony, a tiger: Special law may let it keep the big cat

Trials & Litigation

BP cries foul, says crafty lawyers and claimants collected $500M in comp unrelated to oil spill

Trials & Litigation

Federal magistrate says sheriff must do courthouse time-outs if he keeps missing discovery deadlines

Trials & Litigation

Case of lost painting offers lessons in auction law; will buyer get $43K for missing $21K artwork?

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer faces two criminal cases and civil rights suit over 2012 taxicab incident

Media and Communications Law

Did law enforcement comment online about grand jury matter? Judge orders newspaper to reveal ID info

Criminal Justice

Man fleeing police with juvenile detention escapee crashed into courthouse, news reports say

Election Law

Judge is indicted, accused of making false residency claim

Death Penalty

Death-row inmate released after 30 years; evidence shows he was elsewhere at time of murder

White-Collar Crime

Actor and Hollywood producer, both lawyers, indicted over tax credits for film house rehab