Trials & Litigation

Baltimore judge holds election hearing on sidewalk and in parking garage, due to courthouse fire

Labor & Employment

Some retailers end on-call scheduling after probes by multiple states

Civil Rights

Video shows defendant shocked in court, at demand of judge, because he kept talking

Privacy Law

Cops need warrant before using Stingray devices to track cellphones, Maryland appeals court says


Ex-judge will have to pay fine for ordering shocking of talkative defendant

Trials & Litigation

Ex-DLA Piper partner caught in ‘churn that bill, baby!’ crossfire sues firm’s counsel

Tort Law

‘Blown off’ toilet by explosion from sewer work, woman claims physical injuries and PTSD

Criminal Justice

Slain shooting suspect had been declared legally dead in 2014

Criminal Justice

Family law attorney is charged with driving getaway van in armed robbery of frozen yogurt shop

Second Amendment

4th Circuit requires strict scrutiny of assault-weapons ban, says it’s not ‘a rubber stamp’


Former judge pleads guilty for ordering deputy to jolt defendant with Stun-Cuff


Tire-deflating ex-judge is charged with misdemeanor for ordering deputy to shock ‘rude’ defendant

Criminal Justice

Sting in drug court parking lot leads to arrest of man charged in heroin-distribution case

Criminal Justice

Mistrial declared after jury deadlocks in first police officer trial over Freddie Gray death

Real Estate & Property Law

Will live snake be admitted as evidence in homeowner case against real estate agent?

Criminal Justice

Judge orders murder retrial, cites ‘overwhelmed’ PD who had 88 felony cases

Criminal Justice

Mother indicted on manslaughter charges over the exposure death of her son in playground swing

Consumer Law

Deceptive practices suits say McCormick put 25% less pepper in its usual tin containers

Juvenile Justice

Maryland public defender investigating every juvenile life-without-parole case

Criminal Justice

Defrocked bishop takes plea in DUI case over fatal bicycle accident