Legal Ethics

Lawyer’s ‘sugar daddy’ offer to unrepresented opposing party is cited in disbarment decision

Criminal Justice

‘Serial’ subject Syed appeals, says lawyer never interviewed alibi and didn’t seek plea deal

Trials & Litigation

Subject of popular ‘Serial’ podcast can pursue appeal, court rules

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is suspended for revealing information that led to murder

Criminal Justice

‘Serial’ podcasts downplayed info supporting murder conviction, prosecutor says; DNA testing sought

Family Law

Parents investigated for allowing their ‘free-range’ kids to walk home alone

Criminal Justice

Baltimore bishop faces DUI and texting-while-driving charges in hit-and-run death

First Amendment

Maryland county official recants threat to sue reporter for printing his name without his permission

Death Penalty

Maryland governor will commute sentences of state’s remaining death-row inmates


Courthouse closed after bedbug is found in file room

Law Schools

Even higher-ranked law schools compete for transfer students, school officials say

Opening Statements

Wipe Out: New app helps people expunge their records

Legal Ethics

Judge who was ‘disrespectful’ to lawyer and ‘ridiculed’ defendant gets 5-day suspension

Trials & Litigation

Widow of author Tom Clancy battles lawyer over $6M in estate taxes

Constitutional Law

Murder defendant refuses judge’s order to wear Stun-Cuff at trial, misses opening statements

Court Security

Judge who ordered deputy to shock ‘rude’ pro se defendant has been taken off bench


Dissent balks at top state court’s decision that shed DNA can be collected like fingerprints


Defendant argues, to no avail, that robbery case should be dropped because he was then in jail

Criminal Justice

Ex-office manager of well-known law firm hopes to repay $423K of $600K prosecutors say she stole

Trials & Litigation

Johns Hopkins to pay $190M to settle case over gynecologist’s secret photos of patients during exams