Criminal Justice

Judge orders murder retrial, cites ‘overwhelmed’ PD who had 88 felony cases

Criminal Justice

Mother indicted on manslaughter charges over the exposure death of her son in playground swing

Consumer Law

Deceptive practices suits say McCormick put 25% less pepper in its usual tin containers

Juvenile Justice

Maryland public defender investigating every juvenile life-without-parole case

Criminal Justice

Defrocked bishop takes plea in DUI case over fatal bicycle accident

Criminal Justice

Murder rate is way up in dozens of US cities, but why?

Criminal Procedure

Blistered by judge, ‘ineffective’ lawyer gets murder case against client dismissed

Family Law

Cleared in second neglect case, ‘free range’ parents plan to sue

Civil Rights

AG Loretta Lynch announces ‘pattern and practice’ probe of Baltimore police practices

Attorney General

Baltimore mayor seeks Justice Department probe of police practices in her city

Tort Law

Suit claimed Freddie Gray suffered from lead paint exposure as a child

Criminal Justice

Baltimore police complete Freddie Gray probe; lawyer dismisses suggestion of self-injury

Public Defenders

Public defender asks private lawyers to help represent hundreds arrested in Baltimore

Entertainment & Sports Law

Fans banned from stadium when Baltimore Orioles play tonight, which may be a MLB first

Criminal Justice

Justice Department opens inquiry into police treatment of Freddie Gray, who died after spinal injury

Privacy Law

Stingray device evidence allowed in murder case; police skipped request for court order

Trials & Litigation

US Supreme Court’s chief justice shows up for jury duty

Law in Popular Culture

Defense lawyers follow popular Serial podcast’s lead, are publishing sequel to client’s online story

Labor & Employment

Fired over blond highlights, former Hooters waitress wins $250K arbitration award

Legal Ethics

Lawyer’s ‘sugar daddy’ offer to unrepresented opposing party is cited in disbarment decision