Media & Communications Law

Entertainment & Sports Law

Sony Pictures cancels ‘Interview’ movie release, cites ‘unprecedented criminal assault’ by hackers

First Amendment

Secret witness in Jodi Arias trial was Jodi Arias; appeals court orders release of testimony

Media & Communications Law

Teen retains lawyer after claiming 8-figure stock profits; New York Magazine: ‘We were duped’

Media & Communications Law

Sony Pictures hires David Boies, who warns media to destroy documents leaked by hackers


Retired lawyer sues Bill Cosby, says claims she lied about alleged sexual assault were defamatory

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge says acquitted attorney can sue Above the Law for defamation, but not Gawker

First Amendment

Judge lifts order barring legal publication from publishing story; info already aired by legal blog

Tort Law

Fired reporter can’t sue over bikini footage shot by rival station, appeals court rules

First Amendment

Judge reconsiders order banning legal publication from publishing story

Niche Practice

Rightscorp fights Internet piracy by ‘ticketing’ copyright infringers

Trials & Litigation

Woman sues prosecutor and wife for defamation, says he sought nude photos, wife lied to protect him

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: What is a ‘true threat’ on Facebook? SCOTUS to decide

Media & Communications Law

Police put brakes on body-camera plan, citing records request; earlier dashcam suits were costly

Animal Law

Wind farm sues feds to stop release of bird-death data to Associated Press

Criminal Justice

FBI director: Agent’s fake claim to be AP reporter ‘appropriate’; news agency outraged

Trials & Litigation

Ex-Navy SEAL sues lawyer, says bad advice about best-selling Osama bin Laden book cost him millions

Copyright Law

Federal judge says lawyer must pay $87K for filing ‘objectively baseless’ suit over Web news posts

Media & Communications Law

Arrest warrant issued for Arkansas housing official in Freedom of Information Act matter

Trials & Litigation

Charles Schwab sues law firm and its client for libel over ‘’ website

Internet Law

FBI faked Associated Press news story to identify teen suspect in high school bomb-threats case