Media & Communications Law


Oct. 6, 1958: Quiz Show Hearings Begin

Administrative Law

Uproar over Forest Service plan to require media to get permits to take wilderness photos

Intellectual Property Law

Activists sue over ownership of Twitter account used in Occupy Wall Street protests

Media & Communications Law

Law prof files FCC complaint over use of NFL team’s ‘r-word’ name

Legal Rebels Profile

How Patrice Perkins creatively serves her creative clients

Opening Statements

Some places are still off-limits for selfies

Internet Law

Questioning jurisdiction, state supreme court finds Google does not have to reveal blogger’s ID

First Amendment

Does press have First Amendment right to view entire execution? ACLU sues over closed blinds

Privacy Law

TV station posted interrogation video with Social Security number, says lawyer who plans lawsuit

Civil Rights

Man who says he was arrested for taking cellphone photos of NYC cops gets $125K settlement

Internet Law

Gadfly buys website in DA’s name after he lets registration expire

Media & Communications Law

Jesse Ventura wins $1.8M in actual-malice defamation trial over best-selling memoir

Government Law

Law firm gets $41K in public records case over dashcam, is suing again to find out what city spent

Media & Communications Law

Glenn Beck claims defamation plaintiff he labeled as bombing ‘money man’ is public figure

Trials & Litigation

Lawyers for Aaron Hernandez say attorney-client court chat was broadcast on Web

Law in Popular Culture

Famed author of ‘Mockingbird’ says she never OK’d biography by journalist who moved next door

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer sued by Judge Judy over TV ads says stations urged him to participate

National Pulse

When should bloggers count as journalists in defamation suits?


Newspaper counsel takes on New Jersey governor over ‘Bridgegate’

Media & Communications Law

Judge throws out George Zimmerman’s libel lawsuit against NBC