Media & Communications Law

Legal Ethics

Law firms in Florida can send text-message ads to prospective clients, state bar says

Trials & Litigation

Judge refuses to release names of jurors in Boston Marathon bombing trial

Government Law

Federal judge nixes city’s copyright suit over government meeting footage in critic’s YouTube videos

Civil Rights

Acquitted man sues ‘Cold Justice’ producers and sheriff over claimed malicious murder prosecution

Criminal Justice

Reporters covering Ferguson unrest last year are charged with failing to quickly leave McDonald’s

First Amendment

Judge overturns Idaho ‘ag gag’ law barring undercover videos at agricultural facilities

Trials & Litigation

City files copyright suit over government meeting footage in YouTube videos

Annual Meeting

Community involvement is key in preventing the next Ferguson

National Pulse

Wary copyright owners are cracking down on fan-created artworks


Criticized by individual on Twitter, actor James Woods files unusual $10 million defamation suit

Trials & Litigation

3 UVa grads sue Rolling Stone over discredited fraternity-rape story

Internet Law

Federal bill backed by Yelp would increase protections for online commenters

Trials & Litigation

Charleston shooting trial set for 2016; judge extends gag order despite media objections

Criminal Justice

Court closed after shot accidentally fired by security officer; reporter arrested in meeting melee

First Amendment

Federal judge nixes jail’s newspaper ban, but says articles about gang activities can be cut out

Internet Law

Lawyer loses suit about blog posts, then sues Google over online comments they sparked

Labor & Employment

2nd Circuit says 2 judges used wrong test in deciding high-profile cases over unpaid internships

Antitrust Law

2nd Circuit OKs verdict against Apple in $450M e-book price-fixing case

Trials & Litigation

Ex-worker wins $18M in suit against CEO over blog posts; law prof’s case is still pending

Internet Law

Dutch court to Facebook: Turn over info about sex video or give outside expert access to servers