Middle East

Law Schools

Harvard, Northwestern help Qatar open law school that will award a JD degree

Legal History

Site of Jesus’ trial by Pontius Pilate may have been unearthed in Jerusalem

Trials & Litigation

Unusual suit says banks are linked to Iraq attacks, seeks damages under terrorism-support law


Arab Bank is held liable in first civil trial victory under anti-terrorism law

Aviation & Space Law

TSA bans uncharged cellphones and laptops on some international flights

Criminal Justice

9-month-old Pakistani baby is charged with plotting murder


Gunmen attack Pakistani court complex, killing at least 11 people


Adolf Eichmann is convicted for his role in the ‘Final Solution’

International Law

Saudi Arabia licenses its first women lawyers

International Law

Mubarak released and flown to hospital

Criminal Justice

Former Pakistan president is accused in Bhutto assassination

Criminal Justice

Mubarak may soon be freed, his lawyer says

International Law

Woman jailed for extramarital sex after complaining of rape is pardoned, along with alleged attacker

Constitutional Law

Egypt’s military suspends constitution, installs top judge as temporary president


Stunned by $45M cyberheist, banks have limited options for trying to recover money

Trials & Litigation

Bin Laden spokesman who talked of 9/11 attacks on video extradited to US


Video shows car was towed after city workers painted it into a handicapped parking space

Legal Ethics

Marauding Lawyers Spur Fears in Pakistan

Banking Law

British Bank Agrees to $340M Deal to Settle Laundering Claim

International Law

Sectarian Cases Risky for Iraqi Lawyers