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Entertainment & Sports Law

Sony Pictures cancels ‘Interview’ movie release, cites ‘unprecedented criminal assault’ by hackers

Business of Law

Susman Godfrey bonuses start at $40K for associates who have been at the firm at least a year

Education Law

Sued by dad over his 13-year-old daughter’s suicide after bullying, school denies responsibility

Civil Rights

Dozens of lawyers join protests over police slayings

Criminal Justice

Two pharmacists are accused of second-degree murder in meningitis outbreak

Criminal Justice

Ex-lawyer gets death in murder of DA’s wife; judge compares him to Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer

Question of the Week

What changes would you make to ethics rules for lawyers?

Criminal Justice

Homeowner was only ‘defending his pride’ in slaying of exchange student, prosecutor argues

Criminal Justice

3rd county judge charged in DUI case goes to trial, after nixing plea deal

Criminal Justice

DA blasts AG for saying corruption case against lawmakers shouldn’t be prosecuted

U.S. Supreme Court

Will SCOTUS gut the health-care law? Rule for gay marriage? Yes and yes, analyst says

Corporate Law

Controversial American Apparel chief is fired after years of litigation against the company

First Amendment

Secret witness in Jodi Arias trial was Jodi Arias; appeals court orders release of testimony

The New Normal

Can a new breed of firms solve the attrition problem for women in the legal industry?

The Modern Law Library

All is not as it seems for 9th Circuit clerk in ATL founder’s new novel (podcast)

Constitutional Law

Obama’s immigration order is unconstitutional, judge rules; parties didn’t raise the issue

Criminal Justice

Prosecutor defends gun possession arrest of man who can’t use his arms

Legal Ethics

Duke University’s legal fight with John Wayne’s heirs highlights potential verein pitfalls

Criminal Justice

Security guards with less training than manicurists wield considerable power

Criminal Justice

Germany OKs prosecution of former Nazi SS guard, now 93