Military Law

Military Law

ABA expresses concerns about some proposed changes to the military justice system


Concerned about veteran with PTSD, judge orders him to jail and serves the time with him


Robert MacCrate, former ABA president, dies at age 94


Defense Department wants group to lift ban on psychologists’ participation in interrogations

Constitutional Law

En banc 9th Circuit nixes conviction of vet who wore unearned medals, cites free speech

Military Law

Bergdahl to face court-martial on charges carrying a possible life sentence

Attorney General

2nd Circuit rules Justice Department doesn’t have to disclose additional drone-strike memos


Lawyers for accused leader of Benghazi attacks seek sanction for alleged illegal interrogation


9th Circuit: Child porn evidence doesn’t have to be tossed, though NCIS violated federal law

Legislation & Lobbying

Convicted in WikiLeaks case, Chelsea Manning uses time behind bars to draft anti-spying bill

Executive Branch

Book: 4 federal lawyers OK’d raid in which Bin Laden was slain before consulting AG Eric Holder

Military Law

Military hearing begins for accused Army deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

International Law

After UK kills citizens in Syria in drone strike, critics question policy

Law Professors

West Point law prof resigns after arguing pacifist legal scholars could be attacked by military


Guantanamo lawyer’s concerns about cancer cluster are being investigated


July 28, 1932: U.S. Army disperses bonus marchers

American Bar Association

ABA president seeks new US review of alleged CIA mistreatment of detainees

Constitutional Law

US Senate votes to strengthen torture ban, adopts measures to help set parameters

Constitutional Law

Federal appeals court narrows the type of crimes that can be tried by military commissions

Labor & Employment

US military bans discrimination based on sexual orientation