Military Law

Religious Law

Humanist sues Navy over denial of his chaplain application

Trials & Litigation

Unusual suit says banks are linked to Iraq attacks, seeks damages under terrorism-support law

Trials & Litigation

Ex-Navy SEAL sues lawyer, says bad advice about best-selling Osama bin Laden book cost him millions

President's Message

Supporting Our Veterans: We can help those who serve our country in many ways


Obama reportedly weighs executive action to bypass congressional obstacle and close Guantanamo

First Amendmentg

Videos of forced feedings at Gitmo must be released, federal judge rules

Privacy Law

NCIS trolling for child porn offenders violates Posse Comitatus regulations, 9th Circuit says


Padilla gets new 21-year sentence after 11th Circuit says original 17-year term was too lenient

Religious Law

Atheist who wouldn’t take ‘so help me God’ oath isn’t allowed to re-enlist, group says

Constitutional Law

DOJ releases redacted 2004 legal memos OKing warrantless NSA searches of US citizens

Law Firms

Growing military and federal employment boutique opens new San Diego office


Perkins Coie lawyer who fought ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ dies in bike accident

Your ABA

Program will mobilize lawyers to help reduce VA claims processing backlog

Military Law

Top military court will hear appeal of airman accused of exposing others to HIV

Annual Meeting

Legal hackers use coding to help users navigate law’s intricacies and find solutions

Military Law

Defense lawyers can’t see secret order on secret motions in cases against alleged terrorist plotters

Military Law

More than 14,000 draft notices sent to men born in the 1800s

Pro Bono

Veterans with disability claims will get free legal help in ABA pilot program with VA

Constitutional Law

‘Lawful conduct of war’ analysis in DOJ memo justified killing of US citizen in Yemen


Claimed leader in Benghazi slaying of US ambassador is captured, will be tried here