White-Collar Crime

Former US Attorney takes plea in tax-return case, agrees to pay $290K

Criminal Justice

Gun instructor killed after girl loses control of Uzi; shooting range operated legally, sheriff says


Nevada chief justice who served as jury foreman wouldn’t have put himself on the jury


Nevada chief justice is chosen as juror in criminal case

Trials & Litigation

Government lawyer faces $12K in sanctions, plus possible jail time if he doesn’t pay up


Police raid law office, wire client in ‘bizarre’ probe of claimed lawyer effort to aid client escape

Criminal Justice

In first case of its kind, feds use RICO statute to pursue claimed Internet credit-theft ring

Insurance Law

Should insurance cover suit against law firm after staffer allegedly engineered a false arrest?

Legal Ethics

Defense lawyer who continued to practice after felony plea is temporarily suspended

Criminal Justice

Man who killed wife, shot at divorce judge through courthouse window calls counsel ineffective

Business of Law

Federal court clerk, 2 techs create e-billing system to speed payment to defense lawyers nationwide

Criminal Procedure

New OJ Simpson appeal is nearly 6,000 words over the limit

Real Estate & Property Law

4 new pleas in record Las Vegas corruption case; defense lawyers for others OK secret evidence pact


Public defender is picked for grand jury; judge put PD’s name in the hopper

Trials & Litigation

Judge sanctions insurer $50K because its lawyer couldn’t settle dog-bite case for $750K


Jury convicts woman, 66, in shooting of son; his father was killed with the same gun decades earlier

Trials & Litigation

‘Mom does what I say or Mom gets the fist,’ testifies paralyzed son at her attempted-murder trial


Son whose testimony helped mom beat murder charge is a witness in her new case over his own shooting


Bill O’Reilly calls for impeachment of judge who cut molestation sentence to a year in prison

Law Firms

Las Vegas trial attorney’s new $18M law office is designed like a French Parliament building