Criminal Justice

DOJ reaches deal on Cleveland policing; demonstrations follow officer’s acquittal

Law Professors

Law prof who alleged injury from a colleague’s shoulder squeeze is allowed to pursue assault suit

Trials & Litigation

6th Circuit OKs sanctions for filing frivolous suit, may add sanctions for filing frivolous appeal

Criminal Justice

Man on the lam for 56 years is arrested in Florida trailer park; he appears in court in a wheelchair

White-Collar Crime

Retired attorney indicted in claimed mortgage-fraud scheme

Criminal Justice

Convicted of egging prosecutor’s cars, man gets a reprieve from state’s top court

Criminal Justice

Jurors convict girlfriend in lawyer’s murder; prosecutor argued she was a ‘manipulator’

Criminal Justice

Girlfriend in lawyer slaying case said she acted in self-defense when ‘the hillbilly came out in me’

Business of Law

Steptoe lays off 32, including 14 attorneys, following energy-price drop


Police can’t crack case of egg-attack on senior’s house despite intensive investigation

Trials & Litigation

Once on death row, man released after 39 years behind bars gets $1M for wrongful imprisonment

Criminal Procedure

Suspended judge loses round in state’s top court in fight to ax prosecutor in domestic violence case

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is accused in additional courthouse bomb threats

White-Collar Crime

Convicted judge is indicted again

Legal Ethics

Judge is reprimanded for telling jurors she thought their verdict was wrong

Business of Law

Jones Day to open office in Detroit


Judge polls jurors and issues 5-year sentence in child porn case; 6th Circuit dissent cited

Disability Law

How many therapy ducks are too many? Veteran with PTSD and 6 ducks appeals

Religious Law

Judge acquits man accused of putting First Amendment sticker on courthouse church directory

Law Firms

Dinsmore to acquire 40-attorney law firm based in West Virginia