Patent Law

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Legal Ethics

McDermott Ordered to Pay Attorney Fees for ‘Abuse of Advocacy’

Law Firms

Bell Boyd Raids 2 San Diego Firms, Opens New Office

Verdicts & Settlements

Sixth-Highest Patent Verdict Reported

Lawyer Pay

Hedge Fund Sues Over General Counsel’s $10M Bonus

Law Students

$5K DePaul Student Award Honors Slain IP Lawyer

ABA Connection

Reinventing Patent Law

Patent Law

Federal Circuit Rules for TiVo in Key DVR Case

Law Firms

Coughlin Stoia Forms IP Group With Two Duane Morris Lawyers

Internet Law

Partner Offers $10K Bounty for Blogger’s Identity

U.S. Supreme Court

Breyer Uses Bike Hypo to Oppose Backpedaling on Patent Doctrine

Law Practice

BigLaw Associate Moonlights as ER Doc

Internet Law

eBay Owes $30M for ‘Buy It Now’ Patent Infringement

Legal Ethics

MoFo Acts Quickly After Discovering a Conflict

Opening Statements

IP Exits


Outsourcing Firms Bring in the Engineers to Advise, Write Patents

Patent Law

Infringement Anomaly: States Can Sue But Not Be Sued

Patent Law

Judge Blocks Patent Rules

In-House Counsel

Patent Dispute Aired on High-Tech Executives’ Blogs

Legislation & Lobbying

Broad Opposition to Proposed Patent Bill

Antitrust Law

Microsoft Bends Knee to EU Regulation
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