Patent Law

Consumer Law

Threatened patent suits amounted to deceptive tactics, FTC alleges; law firm and client settle

Legal Ethics

Federal appeals court blasts attorney for forwarding chief judge’s congratulatory email

Opening Statements

Patent Peace: The PTO creates a new office to harmonize the global patent system

Trials & Litigation

Patent lawyer faces $5.9M malpractice suit over wrong bra-insert dimensions

Patent Law

Government paralegals making up to $80K had little work to do, report says

Supreme Court Report

Federal Circuit gets reined in over patent fees in infringement suits

Trials & Litigation

Samsung and Quinn Emanuel must pay $2M for revealing ‘attorneys’ eyes only’ info, judge rules

U.S. Supreme Court

Computer software based on an abstract idea isn’t eligible for a patent, SCOTUS rules


Law firm websites need to step up their game for Google | Dodging spammers while using autoreply

U.S. Supreme Court

No liability for induced infringement when company and customer split patented steps, SCOTUS says


Federal Circuit’s chief judge resigns leadership post after email controversy

National Pulse

Patent trolls are getting First Amendment protection for their demand letters

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court eases standard for award of attorney fees in patent litigation

Trials & Litigation

Attendees’ smartphones cause courtroom chaos at latest Apple-Samsung patent trial

Around the Blawgosphere

Blog offers immigration help to Nigella Lawson | Celeb podcaster fights patent troll

Law Firms

Former Mintz Levin IP practice leader among 6-partner life sciences team joining Cooley

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS to consider deference standard in patent appeals in case of MS drug

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS considers limits on software patents; will case affect patent trolls?

Trials & Litigation

Patent theft suit blames former McDermott partner; defense sees ‘smoke and mirrors’

Trials & Litigation

Judge sanctions Samsung and counsel over release of confidential info in big-bucks Apple patent suit