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Internet Law

Questioning jurisdiction, state supreme court finds Google does not have to reveal blogger’s ID

Criminal Justice

Woman convicted of double murder in plot to rob victims for cigarette money


Determining driver impairment with marijuana involves imperfect science, says law enforcement

Civil Rights

Protesters sue city of Ferguson, St. Louis County and their police chiefs for $41.5 million

Criminal Justice

‘How many more riots will it take before the Supreme Court changes course?’ Chemerinsky asks

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is accused of persuading client to invest $120K in his cat litter box invention

Verdicts & Settlements

IOLTA programs will get part of Bank of America settlement


Santa Fe vacations are an annual event for Justice Ginsburg

Entertainment & Sports Law

New NFL policy imposes 6-game suspension for domestic or sexual assault, banishment for 2nd offense

White-Collar Crime

Former US Attorney takes plea in tax-return case, agrees to pay $290K

Government Law

Federal judge says mom sued too late accusing Chicago officials of cover-up in son’s death

Criminal Justice

Deputy distracted by patrol car’s computer won’t be charged in fatal collision with bicycling lawyer

Criminal Justice

Retired NYC cop takes plea in $27M disability-fraud case; ex-prosecutor is a claimed ringleader

Entertainment & Sports Law

Class action aims to curb soccer concussions

Constitutional Law

Federal gun ban applies even if domestic violence victim isn’t injured, state appeals court says

Constitutional Law

Posner derides tradition as ‘feeble’ justification for gay-marriage ban, says it’s ‘based on hate’

Religious Law

6th Circuit reverses hate-crime convictions of Amish in beard- and hair-cutting attacks

Criminal Justice

Attorney is charged in child-porn possession case after consenting to search of law office


After prosecutor’s live courtroom feed is disclosed, judges consider expanding viewing areas