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Dealership technician topped 95 mph taking customer’s car for test drive; did he commit a crime?

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer’s routine day in court ends when car bursts into flames in parking lot

Legal Ethics

Judge rebuked for posting on Facebook about trials she was overseeing says ethics panel got it wrong

Criminal Justice

Grand jury says state attorney general orchestrated leak and coverup

Business of Law

Latham soars to top of Am Law 100 list with record $2.6B in revenue


80-year-old lawyer won biggest case of his career last year


Touch screen rules on Miss Kitty slot machine voided jackpot mistake, state supreme court says

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Facing history, SCOTUS is likely to approve same sex marriages

Legal Technology

Site aiming to prevent ‘link rot’ for legal researchers wins 2015 Webby

Criminal Justice

Man admits role in scheme that scammed law firms, says he funneled $2.5M via 38 accounts last year

U.S. Supreme Court

Consumer class actions tied to credit law will be affected by SCOTUS Article III case granted today


Law grad from ill-fated class of 2010 had $328K in student debt and worked three jobs

Law Firms

Dewey trial expected to be ‘long legal slog’; what type of jurors will defense seek?

Family Law

Mother-daughter Pink concert wasn’t an abuse of parental discretion, judge rules in custody tiff

Election Law

Cartoon-style posters portray SEC chief as superhero who can slay ‘dark money menace’

Trials & Litigation

Litigant’s F-word filing tells ‘geezer’ judge just what she thinks of his ‘blah, blah, blah’ finding

Government Law

Beset by drought, California lawmakers fast-track bill to ban towns from enforcing brown-lawn rules

Work/Life Balance

Long-serving federal judge, 92, says ice-skating energizes him for work

Criminal Justice

Worker who stole cash from federal magistrate’s purse and gun from court office gets prison time

Religious Law

Swingers club claims it is a church in zoning fight