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Election Law

Political groups ready their legal teams in preparation for contentious midterm elections

Criminal Justice

DOJ denounces ‘irresponsible’ leaks in Ferguson police-shooting case

Immigration Law

Additional federal resources are needed to provide representation for unaccompanied minors, ABA says

U.S. Supreme Court

Ginsburg reveals a mistake in her voter ID dissent; corrected opinion is posted

Trials & Litigation

‘Vaudeville’ closing argument with pill-a-day song doesn’t warrant sanction, 2nd Circuit says

Law Libraries

Kaye Scholer says goodbye to old offices and 95 percent of its law books


Jodi Arias juror is dismissed after asking a reporter this question

First Amendment

Governor signs law to battle ‘obscene celebrity’ by convicts; is Abu-Jamal the target?

Health Law

Death by hacking? US investigates possible cybersecurity flaws in medical devices


EEOC probe of mandatory retirement at Deloitte has implications for law firms

Intellectual Property Law

Actor in ‘Goodfellas’ sues Fox for $250M, says wise guy in ‘Simpsons’ cartoon is based on him

Legal Ethics

Judge who was ‘disrespectful’ to lawyer, ‘ridiculed’ defendant and fiancee gets 5-day suspension

Criminal Justice

Federal judge in $1.2B Silk Road drug case is threatened online


Man who claimed innocence and won reversal in fatal arson case pleads guilty at retrial

Question of the Week

What questions do you always ask new clients?

Trials & Litigation

Jury convicts 4 Blackwater guards in slaying of unarmed civilians in Iraq

Criminal Justice

Man who reportedly confessed to multiple slayings is held in contempt for silence in court hearing

Public Defenders

New York will beef up indigent defense in five counties in ‘groundbreaking’ lawsuit settlement

International Law

Dozens of shots fired in Canada’s parliament building; Soldier killed at nearby war memorial


Judge accused of courthouse sex was ‘seduced and taken advantage of,’  her lawyer says